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Angstrom Sciences Angstrom Sciences, Inc. -
- 40 South Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110, USA

email:, Tel. +1 412-469-8466

Angstrom Sciences is a privately held design and manufacturing facility that supplies high performance magnetron sputter sources and high purity pvd materials for a wide variety of thin film sputter application processes.
The company is fully-equipped with a research and development laboratory in which sample films, process testing and development, and product demos can be performed for clients.
products:   Thin Film Coating Lab Services

Sample films, Process testing and development, On-site product demos.

Thermal Conductive Bonding Thermal Conductive Bonding, Inc. -
- 1430 Tully Road, CA 95122 San Jose, USA

Jacques Matteau, email:, Tel. +1 408-920-0255

Since 1998 TCB has offered high quality bonding services for the high technology communities. Having successfully developed proprietary bonding techniques that uniquely address issues relating to assemblies such as sputtering targets, Electrostatic Chucks, and Gas Dispenser Plates, TCB has had a focus on the thin film and semiconductor community. With many decades of solid experience in joining materials TCB continues to explorer diverse applications that would have us expand on where our techniques and bonding materials can be used.
products:   bonding services

Precision Bonding Services, Indium Bonding, Elastomer Bonding, Custom Sputter Coating

Atkinson Thin Film Systems Atkinson Thin Film Systems, Inc. -
- 25 Garland Dr., Hampstead, NH 03841-2337, USA

email, Tel. +1 (603) 329-7322

Atkinson Thin Film Systems is a fully equipped sputtering service and private research laboratory located in beautiful Hampstead, New Hampshire. Our company specializes in the design, testing, and production of sputtered thin film coatings. We are capable of servicing contracts ranging from one off tests to light production. Our extensive experience and large equipment inventory allow us to quickly assemble a solution to nearly any need. Over the last ten years ATFSI has built its reputation on cost effectively completing jobs that are especially difficult or unusual, but we are also more than happy to provide our services for even the most mundane coatings.
products:   sputtered thin film coatings

The workhorse of our sputtering systems is our medium size inline sputtering machine. This machine capable of up to 5 different targets, 4 up-sputter 1 down sputter. It also has a RF etch station. The machine is capable of DC or RF sputtering, as well as reactive sputtering of oxides and nitrides. The machine may sputter substrates 14" X 16" if using the RF etch station or 14" X 1 meter if not etching, 1 inch thick. This machine is also capable of employing a mass spectrometer and visible spectrophotometer in the chamber. The way this machine scans the substrate in front of the target closely simulates the movement of a film in front of a target in a roll to roll machine which makes it ideal for simulating coatings on larger production machines. It is also capable of coating wafers up to 350mm dia.

thin-film coatings BryCoat Inc. -
- 207 Vollmer Ave - Oldsmar, FL 34677, USA

email, Tel. +1 727-490-1000 - 800-989-8788

BryCoat specializes in PVD Vacuum Coating technology for exceptional adhesion, density, and hardness properties. Our process is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical plating processes. Used to engineer the surface properties of precision components, coatings such as TiN provide wear resistance, reduced friction, non-stick properties, maintain sharp edges, and other improved surface properties.
products:   high-performance thin-film hard coatings

BryCoat applies Titanium Nitride and other precision thin-film hard coatings to engineer surface properties of critical components for performance, function and appearance.

Hohman Plating Hohman Plating & Mfg., Inc. -
- 1401 Abalone Avenue, Dayton OH 45404 USA,

email, Tel. 937 228 2191

Our facility consists of 7 buildings with a total manufacturing area of 90,000 square feet, including 15 electroplating lines, R&D laboratory, a Quality Assurance-Inspection laboratory, a Division of Environmental Safety with a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility, and the Vacuum and Plasma Coatings Division.
products:   Vacuum Coatings

The Vacuum Coatings Division of Hohman Plating provides coating solutions for many different applications, including friction and wear resistant coatings, as well as high performance hard coatings. This division alone has coated well over one million parts for the Aerospace industry, pioneering many coatings that have become industry standards, such as MoS2.
Hohman's many different vacuum coatings are achieved using various Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes. PVD is an environmentally friendly process, which produces very thin, extremely dense and well adherent coatings. More specifically, PVD is an atomic deposition in which a material is vaporized from a solid (or liquid) source and then transferred in vapor form through a vacuum environment to the part’s surface where it condenses.
The various PVD processes performed at Hohman Plating are listed below
- Cathodic Arc Ion Plating: This low temperature, high energy process is used to produce hard wear coatings such as TiN, TiCN, TiC, CrN, and TiAlN.
- Sputtering: This process offers superior adhesion of the coatings and is used by Hohman for applying solid film lubricants such as MoS2, including several advanced versions.

Electron Beam Ion Plating: This process is perhaps the most versatile of all, and is often the solution to many coating challenges. Ion Plating can be used to deposit many coatings and combinations. Examples include Pb, Ag, Au, Ni, Pt, Cu, etc.

Vacuum Metallizing Interplex Industries, Inc. -
- 120-12 28th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354, USA

email, Tel. +1 (718) 961-6212
products:   vacuum metallizing

Interplex's vacuum metallizing process is used to deposit coatings of aluminum, copper, silicone bronze, aluminum bronze, nickel-chrome, nickel and silver on most plastics and glass. Vacuum metallizing provides decorative properties as well as EMI/RF shielding.
The vacuum metallizing machines are 48" diameter systems capable of coating lengths up to 51" and are equipped with plasma discharge and polymer deposition capabilities. Each carriage can accommodate 6 fixtures each 14" in diameter and 52" long.
The thickness of the vacuum metallizing coatings can range from 0.05 microns to 0.4 microns for a single cycle. Thicker coatings can be applied using multiple cycles. In addition, a thin layer of silicon based polymer can be applied as a topcoat over the deposited metal as a protective layer to withstand some environmental exposures.
Typically, vacuum metallizing is performed for technical products such as automotive lighting, handsets, EMI/RF shields. It can also be found on consumer products such as trophies, flashlights and certain toys.

KORAL LABS thin film sputtering Koral Labs, Inc. -
- 7412 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432, USA

email, Tel. +1 763-780-5156

Koral Labs, Incorporated, has provided thin film sputtering services for 30 years. Koral's founder, R.V. Stuart, helped lay the scientific foundation of sputtering while working with Dr. G.K. Wehner. In addition to its production capabilities, Koral Labs has evolved into a company specializing in unique applications of the sputtering process, with the ability to adapt to difficult coating jobs.
products:   Thin Film Deposition

Conventional DC or RF Planar Magnetron Sputtering, Conventional DC or RF Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering, Proprietary RF Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering of Conductors and Insulators, Evaporation, Custom Source Design, Research and Development.

Vacuum Furnace Work: Specialized High Vacuum Heat Treating, Bright-finish Annealing of Refractory Alloys Fluxless Vacuum Brazing, Age Hardening, Custom Interface Design, Research and Development

Combined Disciplines: Thin Film Deposition to Form Tailored Braze Alloys, Ceramic to Metal Hermetic Seals, Vacuum Heat Treating of Deposited Thin Films

Specialties: Coatings for Electron Optics, OEM Coatings of X-Ray Anodes for Surface Analysis, Refurbishment of X-Ray Anodes, Bright Finish Annealing of Titanium Medical Components, Research, Development, and Implementation Programs

Midwest MicroDevices Midwest MicroDevices, LLC -
- 329 14th Street, Toledo OH 43604, USA

email, Tel. +1 419 241.6963

Midwest MicroDevices is a dedicated, pure-play wafer foundry. We provide unique, cost-effective micro-fabrication services for customers in MEMS and thin film applications.
Our state-of-the-art facility is custom designed to meet the needs of MEMS-enabled devices to support the emerging Internet of Things and other microdevices.
products:   Sputtering and Evaporation

MMD’s metal and semi-metal deposition capabilities are world-class. Our automated, HMI-controlled, batch sputtering and evaporation systems are able to deposit a wide range of materials.

Sputtering capabilities include DC-magnetron sputtering, reactive sputtering, and co-sputtering from 2 target materials. RF bias during deposition, RF back-sputtering, load-lock heating, and heating during deposition are all available options.

Evaporation capabilities include metals and semi-metals. Long-throw distance evaporation is used to ensure uniformity and repeatability in deposited films. Lift-off and planetary fixturing and heating before and during deposition are available. Our custom, dual-source e-beam evaporation system is capable of depositing homogeneous alloys to within ±2%.

Mueller vacuum metallizing Mueller Corporation -
- 530 Spring Street, East Bridgewater, MA 02333, USA

Glenn Mueller, email, Tel. +1 (508) 583-2800

Our mission is to be a leader in the Vacuum Metalizing Industry. Through Research and Development we endeavor to find new applications for our process in order to improve it to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We will utilize a QMS registered to ISO/TS 16949 & AS 9100 and an EMS based on ISO 14001 to aid us in our commitment to quality and pollution prevention.
products:   vacuum metallizing services

We provide vacuum metallizing services for a wide array of industries. Our vacuum metallizing techniques allow us to achieve brilliant long lasting coatings for all types of plastic, glass, and metal.
EMI/RFI/ESD shielding: EMI Shielding (Electro Magnetic Interference), RFI Shielding (Radio Frequency Interference), ESD Shielding (Electro Static Discharge), and Heat Shielding For use in electronic, medical, military, aerospace etc, applications
Reflective Finishes: Highly reflective coatings for flash, automotive, emergency, and many other types of lighting.
Decorative Chrome Coatings: A chrome like coating used to enhance the appearance.
Custom Chrome Plastic: Custom chrome like coatings for anything plastic.

Spartek Spartek, Inc. -
- P.O. BOX 437, 300 Milwaukee St., Sparta, WI 54656, USA

email, Tel. +1 608-269-3154

Spartek, Inc. has over 50 years experience in vacuum metalizing and coating. Our vacuum metalizing department utilizes both flow coat and hand spray to apply both the base coat and top coats.
products:   Vacuum Plating & Metalizing

Spartek, Inc., is a leader in the in the industry for applying tints and color to chrome. Whether you are looking for stainless steel finish, light plating, or colored chrome.

- 15 Ilene Court Bldg. #12, Unit #6, Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA

email, Tel. +1 908-359-7014

THINFILMS, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation over the years by providing quality thin film services (in particular coating services) to over 150 corporations in the Hybrid microelectronics, Microwave, Semiconductor, Optical, Medical, Sensor and related industries.
products:   Sputtering, Evaporation, Lithography, RIE and Ion Milling

We offer a wide range of thin film foundry services such as coatings by sputtering and evaporation, dry etching using ion milling and RIE, wet etching and substrate dicing.

vacuum metallizing VacuCoat Technologies, Inc. -
- 33575 Giftos Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA

Richard Malo, sales, email, Tel. +1 586-791-1117

VacuCoat Technologies, Inc. specializes in the art and science of vacuum metallizing and injection molding for the Rapid Prototype Industry.
Our capabilities include the deposition of aluminum and numerous other metals providing a wide variety of appearances.
We have developed an expertise in the coating of SLA, SLS, Epoxies, Fiberglass, Urethanes, and most rapid prototyping materials. In addition, VacuCoat metallizes a broad range of traditional substrates including: most plastics, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc components.
products:   vacuum metallizing and injection molding

Vacuum Metallization of Functional & Decorative Finishes
Rapid Turnaround Prototype Metallizing and Molding
Pre-Production, Service and Low-Volume Production Metallizing and Molding

Vacuum Deposited Coatings Vacuum Deposited Coatings, Inc -
- 7 Hatchet Hill Rd - East Granby CT 06026, USA

email, Tel. (860) 658-9570

Vacuum Deposited Coatings provides only one service - Vacuum Deposition of Cadmium.
products:   Vacuum Deposition of Cadmium

We provide this service to the following specifications and others:
HP4-22 (J) Rev. 1,2 & MULTISPEC Amd. 3
PS13145(K) BPS-4436A
Mil-C-8837 A(1), MIL-C-8837B(1)
SHP 4-22

Hard Coating Services and Vacuum Metalizing Services VERGASON TECHNOLOGY, INC -
- 166 State Route 224, NY 14889 Van Etten, USA

Mark Fitch, Director of Marketing & Sales, email, Tel. 6075894429

Vergason Technology, Inc., founded in 1986, is a leading innovator in thermal evaporation, cathodic arc, and sputtered PVD coating services and systems. Our markets include appliances, automotive lighting, aerospace, electronics, residential and commercial lighting, medical, decorative, tooling, molds, and dies. With over 150 installed systems across 4 continents, offices in China, Mexico, and Poland, we are the vacuum coating solutions experts.
products:   vacuum coating services

Our PVD vacuum coating services division offers highly reflective metalized coatings, a broad spectrum of decorative coating colors highly reflective aluminum to black chrome, EMI/RFI shielding, and more, all applied at room temperatures; Cathodic Arc coatings, applied as low as 375° F, for temperature sensitive tool steels; high-energy sputtered coatings applied at moderate (800° F) temperatures.

ZC&R Coatings for Optics ZC&R Coatings for Optics -
- 1401 Abalone Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501 USA,

email, Tel. +1 586-791-1117

Since 1980, ZC&R has been providing the most reliable precision coatings available, for virtually every application imaginable. You’ll find our coatings in every corner of the globe and beyond-from the ocean floor to the farthest reaches of space.
The company recently moved to a new 21,781-sq. ft. facility (designed and built by ZC&R) that provides a clean and well-organized work area for coating precision optical elements. With our experienced staff of 43 employees ZC&R produces an extensive line of coatings that includes numerous standard and unique custom designed coatings.
Our customers come from a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, entertainment, and telecommunications. ZC&R also provides coatings to a number of national laboratories and agencies.
ZC&R is continuing to strive for quality. A major step towards continuous improvement has been achieving and maintaining certification as an ISO9002/AS9000 certified company. Another recent advance is the addition of a Class 1000 clean room used for cleaning and inspecting optics having a stringent cleanliness requirement.
products:   precision coatings

ZC&R is fully equipped to provide in-house coating design, comprehensive testing, and production in low, high, and OEM quantities. Our custom designed 32? vacuum coating chambers insure the highest quality coatings. Our 64? vacuum chambers can coat substrates up to 24? in diameter. All chambers utilize electron beam guns and precise optical monitoring for consistency. Coatings are checked at our clean air inspection stations, while the effects of temperature and humidity are evaluated in our environmental test chamber.