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Alloy bellows Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding, Inc. -
- 653 Miner Road, Cleveland, OH 44143, USA

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In 1935, our company was founded by improving upon a metal bellows for airplane construction. Since then, our capabilities have evolved to include custom engineering and manufacturing of a wide range of hydroformed and edge welded metallic bellows and assemblies for a wide range of industries.
Additionally, we are a primary source to OEM's for thin wall metal joining (GTA welding, soldering, brazing) of valves, fittings and other precision components made of stainless steel and other exotic metals.
products:   hydroformed and edge welded metal bellows

Alloy Bellows designs and manufactures hydroformed and edge welded metal bellows and assemblies in custom sizes.

Bellows Systems Bellows Systems, Inc. -
- 701 West Murphy, TX 79763 Odessa, USA

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Bellows Systems, Inc. manfuactures engine manifolds, metal bellows, formed tubes, ducting, fittings, and numerous related products that require high-tech welding procedures. We specialize in multi-ply, long-life expansion joints.
Previously known as Circle Weld Company, Circle Bellows, and Woolley Bellows, Bellows Systems, Inc. has servced the aircraft industry since 1951.
products:   metal bellows solutions

in a wide variety of types and configurations, including:
- From one inch through 84 inches in diameter - Round, oval, or rectangular - Single-ply or multi-ply - Low-profile, die-formed - High-profile, hydro-formed - In standard or exotic metals - Rectangular expansion joints: round, mitered, or camera corners

Metal Bellows provide stable, long-lasting solutions to many problems involving harmonics, vibration, high-temperature expansion, and/or cryogenic applications. BSI's unique forming and finishing methods permit fast completion of bellows in a broad variety of sizes, materials, movements, and spring rates.

BellowsTech BellowsTech, LLC -
- 1289 N. US Highway 1, Ste. #1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, USA

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BellowsTech, LLC is a manufacturer of edge welded bellows for Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and positive pressure applications.
Using proprietary welding technology, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and design expertise, BellowsTech produces some of the world's most sophisticated edge welded bellows assemblies. Edge welded bellows are available in AM350, stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, and Inconel materials.
products:   Edge Welded Bellows and Bellows Assemblies

OD's from 0.3 to 26 inches (7.6 mm to 660 mm)
ID's from .15 to 25.5 inches (3.8 mm to 648 mm)
Lengths up to 96 inches (244 cm).

Materials range from .002 inch to .036 (.05 mm to .91 mm) in thickness
and include Titanium, 316LSS, AM350 SS, Aluminum and Inconel/Hastelloy.

Custom metal and precision prototype manufacturing, fabrication are also available.

Duraflex Edge Welded Bellows Duraflex, Inc. -
- 765 Industrial Drive, Cary, IL 60013, USA

Jennifer Jones-Reynolds, email, Tel.

Duraflex, Inc. specializes in the most demanding & difficult edge-welded bellows & vacuum bellows applications to include UHV.
Our engineers are proven leaders in the edgewelded bellows industry, enabling Duraflex, Inc. to perform extensive design & engineering required for UHV bellows & full bellows assemblies.
Our tooling is designed specifically to produce a PROPRIETARY bellows diaphragm configurations which enables the highest level of repeatability in production & in use. Products are manufactured utilizing the most advanced controlled processes & materials available to ensure the ultimate combination of quality, performance & pricing.
products:   UHV bellows & full bellows assemblies

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Flex-A-Seal Flex-A-Seal Inc. -
- 1 Jackson Street, Essex Junction, VT 05453-0184, USA

email, Tel. 1-800-426-3594

Flex-a-Seal, Inc. is a privately held company started in 1983. It was started in Ormand Beach, Florida primarily as a welded metal bellows mechanical seal manufacturer with only 3 employees and small customer base scattered throughout the United States.
In the 20 years since its inception, Flex-A-Seal has evolved in a number of directions. We are a fully integrated seal manufacturer that conceptualizes, designs, manufactures, markets, sells, services and repairs our complete line of mechanical seals and related devices worldwide.
products:   membrane bellows

Hermetic Bellows Devices - Flex-A-Seal has manufactured the highest quality welded bellows for mechanical sealing applications for over 20 years; the step into hermetic bellows vacuum, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, cryogenics and hazardous material handling applications was a logical and strategic move.
Seal repair - Flex-A-Seal has diversified into other related areas such as seal repair of our own seals as well as any competitor seal, designing hermetic bellows devices for the semiconductor and vacuum industry.

Hyspan Bellows Hyspan Precision Products, Inc. -
- 1685 Brandywine Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911-6020, USA

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Hyspan was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of metal bellows and assemblies that incorporate metal bellows. From the onset the company has maintained a strong engineering and quality capability emphasizing product design and development for a wide range of industries including automotive, defense, energy, research, marine products, medical products, valve seals, vacuum products, cryogenic products, and missile and space applications. In addition to the Hyspan products, the company purchased the assets of Anaconda/Anamet metal hose in Waterbury, Connecticut and manufacturers the Anaconda/Anamet products.
products:   metal bellows and assemblies

Probably the most common applications of formed metal bellows are for cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum service.

The assemblies shown in the photograph are for cryogenic service in medical equipment. The copper ring in the center is brazed to the stainless steel bellows. The completed assembly is leak tested to 1x10-10scc/sec. of helium. Hyspan maintains ASNT Level II helium leak testing certifications, and has facilities for liquid nitrogen testing.

Flexial Edge Welded Metal Bellows FLEXIAL CORPORATION -
- 1483 Gould Drive, TN 38501 Cookeville, USA

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Gary Cummings - Dir. Marketing & Sales
Jason Beaty - Sales Application Engineer

Worldwide manufacturer of edge welded bellows for aerospace, military, semiconductor, high vacuum, instrumentation, scientific, bellows accumulators, valve seals, electrical switchgear, down-hole, oceanic & submarine, industrial controls, medical, highway, reservoirs & compensators. Zero-emission reactive seal™ for rising stem valves, Sympact™ high impact, high velocity bellows. Engineered water hammer arresters in welded bellows & piston. FEA, CAD/CAM, CNC machining, vacuum heat treatment, laser welding, cutting & marking. Diameters .050 to 27 inch, thickness down to 0.0010 inch. Custom engineering. ISO 9001, AS9000.
Products:   Edge Welded Metal Bellows

Fulton Bellows Fulton Bellows, LLC -
- 2801 Red Dog Lane, Knoxville, TN 37914, USA

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Fulton Bellows, LLC is the oldest manufacturer of seamless metal bellows. Our founder, Weston Fulton, patented the device in 1901 and built his first factory in Knoxville, TN in 1904.
Products:   Precision Metal Bellows

Kinemotive Edge Welded Metal Bellows Kinemotive Corporation -
- 222 Central Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

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Since 1959, aircraft and aerospace, government, medical, military, oceanographic, semiconductor, and critical industrial contractors have all relied on Kinemotive Corporation for engineered dynamic components. We started by producing deposited and edge-welded bellows for instrument controls. Since then, KC has expanded its engineered dynamic components to include Accumulators, Fuel and Air Metering, Vibration Damping, Temperature Sensors, Remote and Local Pressure-Actuated Devices, Switches, Indicators and Limiters.
Products:   edge-welded bellows for instrument controls

KSM Welded Metal Bellows KSM CORPORATION -
- 1959 Concourse Drive, San Jose, CA 95131-1708, USA

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KSM Corporation is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of Welded Metal Bellows and Build To Print Assembly Services
For over 10 years, KSM USA has been providing vacuum sealing solutions by supplying the Welded Metal Bellows and other Custom Products of KSM Corporation (South Korea) in the USA and Europe.
Products:   Welded Metal Bellows

KSM uses Proprietary software and 3D Modeling to design the best bellows for your application This provides KSM the capability to produce bellows that achieve: highest life, lowest cost and compact space.

Custom manufacturing of metallic bellows is our major area of expertise and our specialty service. We utilize the world's largest clean room dedicated to the assembly of welded metal bellows. We provide the highest quality metal bellows for the most stringent applications.

Metal Flex Metal Flex - www.
- 149 Lakemont Rd, Newport, VT 05855, USA

Robert Guyer, general manager, email, Tel.

Metal Flex®, in existence since 1981, is known throughout the world as a leader in welded bellows technology. Our products are used in semiconductor, aerospace/aircraft, Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV), and many other research, industrial and commercial applications. Metal Flex® performs design, manufacturing, and testing activities in house, which allows us to react quickly and precisely to your changing needs.
products:   membrane bellows

Metal Flex can produce bellows from a large variety of materials including but not limited to, all the 300 Series SST's AM-350 SST (annealed or heat treated), Inconels, Monels, Hastelloys, etc. to meet various requirements for corrosion resistance, life expectancy and non-magnetic.
We also have a complete machine shop in house allowing our skilled toolmakers and machinists to manufacture all the flanges and hardware necessary to meet our customers' exacting specifications.
All welding at Metal Flex is performed in a clean, controlled atmosphere using both TIG and pulse TIG processes. Our products are welded using a fusion process with no filler materials added. All welds and finished assemblies are leak tested on Helium Mass Spectrometers and certified to 1 x 10 -9 STD. CC/SEC. He. (-10 and -11 certification is available upon request).

MS Bellows MS Bellows -
- 5322 McFadden Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA

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Since 1964, MS Bellows has designed and produced a wide variety of sensitive and accurate pressure responsive elements. Available in edge-welded or nickel deposited, bellows specialties include miniaturization and critical tolerance. MS Bellows combines computer aided engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and over 25 years of bellows experience to provide viable design solutions for your specific bellows application.
products:   Edge Welded Bellows for Vacuum Feedthroughs

Advanced engineering and design capabilities allow MS Bellows to manufacture edge welded bellows for a variety of critical reliability applications.
Using the latest manufacturing techniques and stringent process control, zero defect quality is maintained at a competitive price.
Our experienced engineering staff is always available to provide design assistance and recommendations.

High Performance NiColoy Bellows and Assemblies Nicoform Inc. -
- 72 Cascade Drive, Rochester, NY 14614, USA

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products:   High Performance NiColoy® Bellows and Assemblies

Electroforming is the only bellows fabrication method capable of producing stress-free components. In other manufacturing methods - rolling, welding, hydroforming - the finished bellows contain welded seams, wall thickness variations, deformation and/or heat induced stresses, compromising the components' strength, durability and performance under load. In electroforming, metal is uniformly electroplated onto a conductive substrate of the desired configuration, called a mandrel. After the plated layer reaches the required thickness, the mandrel is dissolved by chemical means, leaving behind a stress-free electroformed bellows as shown in the illustration. Electroformed NiColoy® bellows (sometimes called 'electrodeposited bellows') outperform other bellows due to their stress-free nature and high alloy strength, especially in precision dynamic applications.
As dynamic, elastic components, bellows uniquely benefit from NiCoForm's advanced electroforming technology and its trademark high performance alloy, NiColoy®. Our mass electroforming technique produces stress and pore free bellows with otherwise unattainable part-to-part consistency. Freedom from stress assures the materials' reliable performance in extension, compression, bending and rotation. NiColoy®'s combination of high elasticity, tensile strength, corrosion resistance and low tendency for crack formation assures the unsurpassed characteristics of NiColoy® bellows, far exceeding those of their nickel counterparts.

Standard Bellows Company - welded metal bellows SBC Standard Bellows Company -
- 375 Ella T. Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks, CT 06096, USA

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SBC supplies precision welded metal bellows to meet the specific application requirements of numerous industries - including aerospace, defense, electronics, nuclear, petrochemical, and high vacuum industries, among others. Typical applications include pressure and temperature sensors, volume compensators, torque couplings, vacuum connectors and manipulators, and mechanical seals.
products:   Welded Bellows and Custom Assemblies

SBC supplies precision welded metal bellows to meet the specific application requirements of numerous industries - including aerospace, defense, electronics, nuclear, petrochemical, and high vacuum industries, among others. Typical applications include pressure and temperature sensors, volume compensators, torque couplings, vacuum connectors and manipulators, and mechanical seals.
The versatility of Standard Bellows products comes, in part, from the wide range of sizes and materials available. A variety of weldable metals, including 300 series, 400 series and AM350 Stainless Steels, as well as exotic metals such as Monels, Iconels, Hastelloys, Titanium, and Ni-Span-C alloys can be specified. Sizes range from .200 inches to 24.000 inches in outside diameter, with material thickness ranging from .001 inches and greater.

Custom Assemblies Engineered to Your Performance Specifications:
Standard Bellows specializes in providing innovative solutions for the most demanding bellows applications. Our experienced engineering staff is dedicated solely to the design, development, and manufacture of welded bellows products. Drawing upon year of experience serving numerous industries, we can provide comprehensive assistance in every aspect of product development - from theoretical analysis, design, and material selection to manufacturing, evaluation and testing.

Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows Senior Operations LLC -
- 1075 Providence Highway, Sharon, MA 02067, USA

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John Meyer, Sr. Business Development Manager, Tel.

Metal Bellows was established in 1955. The company was founded on a breakthrough process for creating welded diaphragm metal bellows. Since 1994 we have been a Senior Aerospace company. From our founding, Metal Bellows has continued to refine and develop welded metal bellows technology and the integration of welded metal bellows into critical aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and industrial applications.
We operate in an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sharon, Massachusetts. This is a vertically integrated plant incorporating all aspects of metal fabricating and joining as well as electromechanical fabrication and assembly. All metal joining processes are maintained in the facility with particular attention to our core competency, fusion welding technologies. We are ISO9001 certified and also NADCAP certified on key processes.
Products:   Welded diaphragm metal bellows

PRIME MOVER Hermetic Actuators
Using our advanced metal bellows technology, the PRIME MOVER™ actuator is a unique linear actuator that provides superior reliability and maintenance-free performance.

Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs
Using a bellows design to provide a hermetic seal, the rotary feedthrough provides for rotary motion through a pressure boundary with zero leakage. This is suitable for use with gasses, liquids or vapor.

Hermetic Pumps / Compressors
Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows' bellows compressors and bellows vacuum pumps utilize our unique welded metal bellows technology as the pumping chamber. This bellows design allows for features that are not available with conventional vacuum pumps and compressors.
These products are suitable for use in extreme environments where zero leakage, zero contamination, high reliability, and long life are required. We are able to achieve this superior performance with non-wearing wetted surfaces fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steels.

Servometer Edge Welded Bellows Servometer / PMG, LLC -
- 501 Little Falls Road, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1291, USA

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Servometer has partnered with BellowsTech, LLC, an industry leader in the development of custom-designed edge welded bellows, to design solutions for various industries and applications, including Vacuum, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Commercial, Medical.
products:   BellowsTech Edge Welded Bellows

We design and manufacture bellows in a full range of diameters and thicknesses ranging from .394” (10mm) to 26” (660mm) in diameter in materials .002” (.05mm) to .036” (.91mm) thick.

- 15 Commerce Drive, Monroe, CT 06468, USA

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Seymour-Sheridan, Inc. has been manufacturing welded metal bellows for over 35 years. Applications include steam traps, air vents, flexible couplings, valve seals, pressure transducers and vacuum bellows.
products:   custom designed Bellows

Bellows can be supplied set to free length or evacuated. To accommodate a variety of temperature and pressure environments, bellows can be filled with water or alcohol to achieve specific length and stroke characteristics. Bellows can also be encased and supplied with fittings.

Technetics Technetics Group is an EnPro Industries, INC., former TARA TECHNOLOGIES -
- 305 Fentress Boulevard, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 USA

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Technetics Group is a world leader in the design, production and application of high-precision sealing products, incorporating edge-welded metal bellows.
As a forerunner in the development of this technology, we continually work to advance the state of the art by engineering unique design solutions that solve critical needs within complex mechanical systems. We also offer contract assembly services including design, fabrication, welding, upper-level assembly, testing and packaging.
products:   Belfab® high-precision, edge-welded metal bellows

used throughout front-end semiconductor wafer-processing equipment and in other high-vacuum and high-purity applications requiring hermetic sealing and/or flexibility.

VALQUA Metal Welded Bellows Valqua America, Inc. -
- 4655 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 380 Santa Clara CA 95054, USA

email, Tel. 1-408-986-1425
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