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FORCE ONE vacuum excavators FORCE ONE LTD -
- 24 Longhill Road, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0BL, United Kingdom

Lynsey Harris, email:, Tel. +44 01354 655 441

Force One Ltd is a specialist service provider of Vacuum / Suction Excavation, offering its excavators for hire with an operation crew and support vehicle experienced in tackling most requirements.
products: Vacuum / Suction Excavation
  • Vacuum Suction Excavation Hire & RN1 - Remote Nozzle Hire
  • Spades, Hoses, Nozzles

    This new technology can be applied across a vast range of uses including:
    • Non evasive dig / excavation over and around buried utility and telecom services
    • Clearance of environmental damage:
      Removal of contaminated soil particularly around trees as roots are undamaged by the Suction Excavator, Demolition work rubble/grit/dust removal, Gravel removal from flat roofs etc, Clearance of blocked gutters and gullies, Clearance of large amounts of foliage, Surface clearance i.e. sludge, coal dust, general residue etc..
    This new safe and effective method of excavation reduces risks and improves Health and safety records.

    VAC-EX Ltd. vacuum excavators VAC-EX Ltd. vacuum excavators -
    - Carr House, Heavens Walk, Doncaster DN4 5HZ, United Kingdom

    email, Tel. +44 01302 366900

    Vac-Ex Ltd are designers and manufacturers of vacuum excavation systems.
    Our sister company Vacuum Excavation by John Mee Construction has operated various vacuum excavation systems for many years. The experience they gained identified the need for an environmental mid-range system, hence the design and development of the Mod-Ex range.
    products: vacuum excavation systems
    The Mod-Ex systems can be fitted to a range of support applications:
    • Mod-Ex C (Wagon chassis) - 2,500 CFM plus
    • Mod-Ex T (Trailers) - 2,500 CFM plus
    • Mod-Ex S (Skid) - 2,500 CFM plus
    • Mod-Ex R (Rail stock) - 2,500 CFM plus
    The above systems are manufactured with interchangeable modules in order to increase or decrease the suction as required. Our design team are willing to work with your company to construct the Vacuum Excavation machine to suit your company's needs.




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