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mini vacuum pump Air Dimensions Inc. -
- 1371 West Newport Center Drive, Suite 101, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA

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Air Dimensions Inc. founded in 1971 on the principal of providing our customers with the highest quality pumps in the industry along with superior customer service. ADI's Dia-Vac® vacuum pumps have a proven track record of long life under the most adverse operating conditions.
Today you will find our Dia-Vac® pumps within the utility, refinery, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, medical, automotive, government, environmental and emission monitoring industries to name a few.
products: sampling pumps
  • ADI's complete line of Dia-Vac® diaphragm vacuum pumps offers 100% oil-free, contamination free and leak free sampling.
  • With the Dia-Vac® pumps, no oil, graphite or other potentially contaminating lubricants will come in contact with the gaseous stream.
  • Dia-Vac Pumps: Micro (0-13 LPM) - Mini (0-21 LPM) - Standard (0-150 LPM) - Explosion Proof (0-150 LPM) - Heated Head (0-150 LPM) - High Vacuum (1 torr, 29.9"HG) - Air Driven (0-150 LPM) - DC Operated (0-30 LPM) - Double Diaphragm (0-150 LPM) - Specialty

Casella CEL Casella CEL Inc. -
- 415 Lawrence Bell Drive, Unit 4, Buffalo, NY 14221, USA

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products: Sampling Pumps
  • Tuff Series Pumps
  • Sampling Pump Accessories
  • Flow Calibrators

Sensidyne Sensidyne, LP -
- 1000 112th Circle North, Suite 100, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, USA

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Founded in 1983, Sensidyne was established as a manufacturer and distributor of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation and a major supplier of gas detection tubes. In 1995, the Gilian Instrument Company was acquired to expand the existing line of personal air sampling pumps.
products: Gas detection and air monitoring instrumentation
  • Sensidyne provides products to a broad range of process, manufacturing and infrastructure industries including Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial Gases, Semi-conductor, Metals, Water and Waste Treatment facilities worldwide.
  • Our core competencies lie in product development, manufacturing, distribution and service of fixed gas detection and air monitoring instrumentation. Our brands include SensAlert® Fixed Point Gas Detectors, Gilian® and BDX® Air Sampling Pumps, Sensidyne Gas Detector Tubes, Sensidyne Micro Air Pumps and Sensidyne Toxic Gas and Oxygen Sensors.

SKC Air sampling SKC Inc. -
- 863 Valley View Road, Eighty Four, PA 15330, USA

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products: Air sampling technologies
  • SKC serves the Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health markets by providing air sampling instruments and sample collection media:
  • Air sample pumps, calibrators & accessories
  • Sorbent sample tubes and collection media
  • Gas sample bags
  • Validated passive samplers
  • Colorimetric Detector Tubes
  • Gas Monitors
  • Noise Monitoring Instruments
  • Vibration Monitors
  • Heat Stress Monitors
  • IAQ Monitors


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