Residual Gas Analysis (Instruments and Services)

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Residual Gas Analysis        Residual Gas Analysis

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Hiden Analytical was founded in 1981 and is presently situated in a 23,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Warrington, England with a staff of 65 persons.
products:   Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers for Vacuum, Gas, Plasma and Surface Analysis

- RGA series quadrupole mass spectrometers
- HMT High pressure residual gas analyser
- 3F Series Triple filter high performance quadrupole mass spectrometers
- HPR 30 Vacuum process gas analyser
- Quadrupole mass spectrometer components

Residual Gas Analysis is a general term for the analysis of gas and vapour species in vacuum chambers and vacuum processes.
The Hiden RC and LC series quadrupole mass spectrometers provide for routine, fast, wide dynamic range residual gas analysis, measuring the partial pressures of the species that are critical to vacuum quality and process requirements.

Applications include:
vacuum chamber leak detection, vacuum quality measurement and monitoring, virtual leak detection, outgassing studies, bakeout cycle/vacuum pump down monitoring     Keywords