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He-TEST s.r.o. -
- Cajkovského 45, 917 08 Trnava, Slovensko

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The company He-TEST s.r.o. was established in 1996. The people working in this company have long- term experience in NDT methods. They gained this experience mainly through the work in Nuclear Power Plants in Jaslovské Bohunice and through inspection works in the other factories in Slovakia as well as abroad.
products:   helium leak tests, vacuum and overpressure leak tests

We are specialised mainly in helium leakage tests-vacuum and overpressure tests that could be implemented in integral and local ways. All the instruments we own are of PFEIFFER VACUUM .

Our employees have excellent practical experience with the leak tests of reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, condensers, pipelines etc.. especially in nuclear industry. We are also able to perform the helium leak tests of steam turbines (vacuum part) while in operation.