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Jet Flow Technologies Jet Flow Technologies Pvt. Ltd. -
- Level 5, Tamarai Tech Park, S.P. Plot No.16-19 & 20A, Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Chennai - 600032, India

email:, Tel./Whatsapp: +91 8100 355 155

With our strategic partnership with Jet Flow Technologies UK Limited, UK, you have the option to buy, either Made in India or Made in Europe or both from a single window. Jet Flow solutions find applications in all major industrial sectors. Customized solutions are the key to success. Jet Flow can supply equipments with 'U' and 'NB' stamping, registration with AS1210 - 1997, CRN, GOSHT, DOSH and offer inspection under any TPI.
products: Steam Jet Air Ejectors, Multi Stage Steam Jet Ejector vacuum systems, Surface Condenser

Steam Jet Boosters, Condensing systems, Thermocompressors, Combination Vacuum Systems of Steam Jet Ejector and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Feedwater Heaters, LP / HP Heaters, Gland Steam Condensers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Dump Condensers, Steam Jet Liquid Heaters, Air Jet / Liquid Jet / Vapour Jet / Gas Jet Ejectors, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Jet Heater / Mixers, Jet Ventury Scrubbers, Steam Conditioning Valve, PRDS, Steam Desuperheater, Multi Nozzle Desuperheater, High Pressure Control Valve, Cage Guided Globe / Angle Type Control Valve etc.

applications: Power Stations, Edible Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, Energy from Waste, Fertilizer, Steel Degassing, Water Treatment, Seawater Desalination, Paper Industry, Polyester Plants, Petroleum Refineries, Bio Gas etc.

Mazda vacuum ejectors Mazda Limited -
- 650/1, Panchwati 2nd Lane, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380 006, India

Mr. Raj Prasad, email:, Tel. +91 33 2221 5231

Mazda Limited was founded in 1973. We are Asia's largest company in Ejector Vacuum business. What sets Mazda apart from its peers, is the fact that Mazda has acquired high powered technologies from the West. This combined with its modern R&D centre, its high standards for quality and its customer-focused approach, have made Mazda a leading company globally. Testament to this fact, is our annual sale of more than 10000 systems. Our products are exports to more than 46 countries around the world including USA, Europe Japan, Canada, Australia etc. In other words, one of the largest numbers of steam jet vacuum systems and condensers sold for the process and power industry in the world.
products: Ejector Vacuum systems, Vacuum Pumps & Steam Condensers

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum systems, Single / Multi stage Steam Jet Ejectors, vapour powered ethylene glycol ejector vacuum systems, Vacuum Pumps, Gland Steam Condensers, Surface Condensers, Feed water Heaters, Low Pressure Heaters, High Pressure Heaters, Condensing package, Jet Condensers, Dump Condensers, Turbine Condensers, Hogger Ejectors with Silencers, Steam Jet Liquid Heaters, Ejectors (Air Jet / Liquid Jet / Gas Jet / Vapour Jet/ Steam Jet) Oil Coolers, Inter / After Coolers, Condensation Plants, Vacuum Degassing systems, Steel Degassing systems (VD & VOD), Turbine Extraction systems, Steam Jet Evaporative water Chillers, Thermo compressors, Evaporators, Scrubbers, Crystallizers, etc.

- Chandra Nivas, Behind Police Lines, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 069, India

R.j. Sawant, email:, Tel. +91 260 2452973
products: Water Ring vacuum pumps

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps VRW-30 up to VRW-1500 (1500 cfm = 2250 m3/h)
Water Ring Vacuum Pumps are specially designed for handling gaseous or damp media and even corrosive vapours. The material of construction is specially selected to withstand the effects of any media. The pumps are driven by directly coupled electric motors of squirrel-cage TEFC type. They are well known for their robust construction and simple trouble-free operation.Although these pumps are generally used as vacuum pumps, they can be used as compressors too. The compressed air is absolutely oil-free,clean, cool and non-pulsating. Also, for special applications as a vacuum pump, alternative sealing fluid may be used instead if water.



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