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- 257-27 Yulmaro, Tongjineup, Kimpo city, 10038, Korea

Hee Jong Roh, email: wonvac@wonvac.com, Tel. +82-31-988-6166

We are a manufacturer of vacuum pumps since our establishment in 1982.
With over 35 year experiences in vacuum industry, we have been put our best efforts to produce high quality vacuum pumps and vacuum systems with diverse range of capacity to serve vacuum need in this industry.
products: Rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • WOVP: Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • WVS: Sliding Vane Dry Vacuum Pump
  • WBS: Sliding Vane Dry Combined Pump (Vacuum & Pressure)
  • VCX : Claw vacuum pumps

dooVAC dooVAC CO.,LTD. - www.doovac.com
- Gobongro 770 beongil 30-30, Ilsandonggu, Goyangsi, Gyeonggido, 10251, Korea

email: doovac-sgwon@doovac.com, Tel. +82 31-944-6480

Headquarter & Paju Factory
products: Rotary vane vacuum pumps



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