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FerrofluidSeal FerrofluidSeal, Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery
- www.ferrofluidseal.com
503, Hunan International Commerce Center, Jintai Square, Changsha, Hunan China 410001

Mr. Jim Luo, Sales Director, email: admin@ferrofluidseal.com, Tel. +86 13974953910

Hunan Jintai Hardware and Machinery is a manufacturer and export supplier on various machinery components and hardware spare parts in China. Ferrofluidseal is a main division of our company, we are producing high quality ferrofluid vacuum sealing device for high vacuum requirement machinery and equipment.
products:   ferrofluid sealed vacuum feedthroughs

Single Axle Feedthrough
Multi-Axle Feedthrough
Hollow Axle Feedthrough
Water Cooling Feedthrough
Special Feedthrough

HUNAN LOONGRISE Magnetic rotary feedthroughs Hunan Loongrise Magnetic & Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd - www.loongrise.com
- Hetang Jinshan Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, No. 489,
Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China 412003

Apple Lee, email: lr@loongrise.com, Tel. +86-731-22200791

Loongrise is a high-tech enterprise that combines scientific research, manufacture and sales. Loongrise has a group of expertise at research and manufacture, and has a modern and standard factory. Loongrise is professionally engaged in researching and manufacturing Magnetic Fluid Sealing Apparatuses and Vacuum Spare Parts, and provides technical support.
products:   Magnetic rotary feedthroughs, Magnetic fluid sealed feedthroughs

Coaxial seals, Hollow shaft seals, Flanged seals, Water cooled seals

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