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VacSol Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs VacSol GmbH -
- Lisztstr. 25, 73274 Notzingen, Deutschland

email:, Tel. +49 (0)7021 9569500

VacSol GmbH offers high quality magnetic rotary feedhroughs for very competitive prices. We would be pleased if we could share our decade long experience on feedhtrough applications with you. Our product range includes standard and special feedthroughs as well as retrofits of conventional feedthroughs and magnetic fluid feedthroughs of other manufacturers.
Products: Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs

Magnetic fluid feedthroughs are the ideal way to transfer rotational motion from atmosphere into a vacuum environment. The rotating components are hermetically sealed by fluid rings held by a permanent magnetic field. Thus friction is reduced resulting in minimized contamination for clean high vacuum, high reliability, outstanding service life, cost effective, high torque transmission, high speed capability, low drag torque, smooth motion also at low speeds and during start-up.
We put the main focus on customized designs to suit your application best. We help you to find the optimum solution, a fully functional, reliable quality product at low price.

ALMA vacuum rotary feedthroughs ALMA driving elements GmbH -
- Obere Heeg 5, 97852 Schollbrunn, Deutschland

email:, Tel. +49 9394 9700 0

ALMA's main business is the design and production of tailor-made components and systems for complex drive requirements that also include ultra-high vacuum engineering. The product range covers high-precision vacuum components like rotary feedthroughs and direct drives e.g. for thin-film technology up to semiconductor, LED/OLED- and solar module production.
Products: ALMA vacuum rotary feedthroughs
  • Intelligent bearing design : The sophisticated bearing design in all ALMA rotary feedthroughs offers numerous safety features and extreme precision, ensuring optimum true running properties and high load-bearing capacities.
  • Compact design with top load-bearing capacities : When designing rotary feedthroughs, ALMA focuses on creating the smallest possible design envelope for the maximum load-bearing capacity.
  • High-quality special magnetic fluid for maintenance-free applications : ALMA uses a special magnetic fluid that offers significant technical advantages compared to conventional fluids. Due to its significantly lower outgassing, this fluid excels above all in applications involving thermal loading.
  • Reliable cooling systems for every application : ALMA offers a comprehensive range of cooling systems for rotary feedthroughs. The product range includes simple cooling sleeves, housing and shaft cooling systems as well as combined solutions.



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