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Taiwan vacuum pumps        vacuum pump manufacturers in Taiwan, China

Pfeiffer Vacuum Taiwan Pfeiffer Vacuum Taiwan Corporation - www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com
- N°169-3, Sec 1 - Kang-Leh Rd, Song-Lin Village, Hsin-Feng, 304, Hsin-Chu County, Taiwan

email: info@pfeiffer-vacuum.de, Tel. +886-3-5599230

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a vacuum technology world leader for more than 120 years: an important milestone was the invention of the turbopump in our company more than 50 years ago.
Our comprehensive range of solutions, products and services includes vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment, up to complex vacuum systems.
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

Koerting Taiwan Allmaster Enterprise Co., Ltd - www.koerting.de
- 3rd Fl., No. 17, Sung-Chiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan

email: almstr@ms21.hinet.net, Tel. +886 (2) 2509 8582
products:   Ejectors, condensers, Vacuum Technology,

Refrigeration Plants, Evaporation Plants, Plants for Dedusting, Absorption and Gas Cooling, Steam Jet Heaters, Mixing Nozzles
Heat Recovery, Paper Industry, Polyester Plants, Water Treatment, Power Stations, Edible Oil Industry, Textile Finishing, Urea Plants, Refrigeration, Chemical Industry, Petroleum Refineries, Shipbuilding, Steel Degassing, Seawater Desalination

Agilent vacuum Agilent Technologies Taiwan Limited - www.agilent.com
- No.20, Gaoshuang Rd., Pingzhen City, Taoyuan County, 32450 Taiwan, R.O.C.

email: vpw-customerservice@agilent.com, Tel. +886 3 495-9285

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (VPD), formerly Varian Vacuum, is a global supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.
products:   Diffusion pump   Dry Scroll   Ion Pumps   Turbomolecular   Leak detector

We have always been in the forefront of vacuum technology, setting industry standards from the very beginning with the invention of the ion pump in the late 1950s that made UHV possible. Major developments in diffusion pump and leak detection technology soon followed, with innovations in turbomolecular and dry scroll pumping, up to the most recent revolutionary TwisTorr FS turbo pumps and IDP-series dry scroll pumps.

cutes CUTES Corporation - www.cutes.com.tw
- 2-22, Nan Yuan Road, Chung Li City (320), Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.

email: sales@cutes.com.tw, Tel. + 886 3 4612333

Established in 1974, 130 employees, qualified ISO9001
products:   manufacturer of the CUTES liquid ring vacuum pumps

- CNN Type: 300 CFM to 12000 CFM, vacuum up to 27 inHg
- CMW Type: 50 CMH to 6880 CMH, vacuum up to 5-10-3 torr,multistage design for customized application

Darwin Vacuum Industy Darwin Vacuum Industy Co. Ltd. - www.dick-pump.com
- no.28, Ln. 246, Zhenxing Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 401, Taiwan

Ian Chi, email: vacuum168@gmail.com, Tel. 886-4-22125437

Having been engaged in developing and making a wide variety of vacuum pumps for more than two decades, Dashin Technology Industrial exports its products under its own brand DARWIN.
products:   small vacuum pump

piston vacuum pump, carbon vane pump

TOM Roots Blower Taiwan TOM Roots Blower Taiwan - www.tom-rootsblower.com
- No. 171, 4F-2, Sanduo 2nd Rd., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, 802 (R.O.C.)

email: info@tom-rootsblower.com , Tel. +886-7-588-265-0

Looking back to over 25 years of experience in manufacturing positive displacement blowers, TOM Roots Blower stands for constant product quality and highly standardized machine production.
products:   Positive displacement blower / Roots blower

TOM Roots Blower is a highly developed tri lobe positive displacement blower. The modular design and the wide range of accessories enable it to meet very specific customer requirements. With the development of this model we attached greatest importance in optimized power efficiency, a long lifetime, extremely low vibrations and low noise levels.

ALITA linear air pump ALITA INDUSTRIES, INC. - taiwan.alita.com
- No. 45, Lane 20, Sec. 1, Wenhwa 2nd Rd., Linkou Hsiang, Taipei Hsien 244, Taiwan

Tel. +886 (02) 2609-4889

Alita Industries is dedicated to the design and distribution of the efficient and effective air and water moving products since 1990. Performance, reliability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are the most important priorities in our development process.
products:   ALITA® Linear Air Pumps

Oil free and contamination free operation
Performance ranges of 3-500 LPM, 0.1-18 CFM
Low maintenance with minimal noise vibration
Compact design, solid construction and field service ability,
Continuous and intermittent duty operation
Fast and prompt shipments
Most models conform to the European Community's Machinery Directive (CE) and UL certified in compliance to US and Canadian safety standards for outdoor air compressors

Allis Electric Co., Ltd - www.allis.com.tw
- 9F2 , 12F, 19-11, Sanchung Road, Nankang District, Taipei, Taiwan(115) R.O.C

email, Tel.
products:   cryopumps

- 9F2 , No141 Bade Road , ChaiYi City , Taiwan R.O.C

Jim Huang, email, Tel.

Founded in 1989, high quality, competitively priced and reliable delivery time always are our principles, by these principles, we have won some of the most respected within many industries .
products:   pressure gauges, vacuum gauges

liquid filled gauges, stainless steel gauges, spiral gauges and more.

Best Champion Technology Co., Ltd -
- No.43, Lane 423, Wanda Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-2-2305-8178

Gauge Controller, Roughing Gauge, Cold Cathode Gauge, Hot Ionization Gauge, Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
Rotary Vane Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Dry Pump, Turbo Pump, Ion Pump, Diffusion Pump, Cryo Pump, Helium Compressor
Adsorber, Molecular Sieve Foreline Trap,
Mass Flow Controller (MFC), Leak Detector, Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA), Power Supply (DC/RF),
Vacuum Valve (Gate Valve), Vacuum Components, Vacuum Fittings

BUSCH Taiwan Corporation - Taipei

email, Tel.

Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Systems: R5 Series, Oil Recirculating rotary vane - COBRA, Dry Screw - Huckepack, Once-Through-Sealing - Mink, Dry Claw Pressure or Vacuum, Merlin, Combination Pressure/Vacuum - Seco, Oil-Less - Dolphin, liquid ring type.

Chuan Fan Electric Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd -
No.6-2 CingNian Road, Youth Industrial Park, YangMei, TaoYung 32661, Taiwan

Victor Hsieh, Overseas Sales, email, Tel. +886-3-4643788

With the concept of best service, high quality, fast delivery, and creativity, Chuan Fan Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1972, has been professionally producing Side channel blowers, Centrifugal blowers, and multistage turbo blowers as well as all kind of blowers in mid or low pressure. From casting, processing, to motor making, up to 95% of the procedures are finished in our factory. We produce over thirty-six thousand sets of blowers every year. We also manufacture dust collectors and pressure exhaust fans for industrial use.
products:   Side Channel Blowers, Regenerative Blower

Blowers and Fans, Centrifugal Blowers, Pressure Exhaust Fan, Dust Collectors.

Chu Yeong Commercial Corp. -
- 1F., No.3, Alley 6, Lane 152, Kunyang St., Nangang District, Taipei City 115, Taiwan

email, Tel.

Chu Yeong Commercial Corp. has been in the air pump field since 1998 and focused on exporting stable, reliable, and low-noise qualified linear diaphragm air pumps to Japan. In order to pursue stable and high performance, we do the knowledge interchange of technological cooperation with related industries in Japan and satisfy the market demand of 10000 units per year. Since the 3rd quarter of 2002, we have started to enter domestic market and obtained orders from the European and American customers as well. In addition to a wide range of standard pump models that can be utilized off shelf, we also offer OEM and customized linear diaphragm air pumps to industry for original equipment application.

Provided with suction and exhaust functions, AirSupra linear diaphragm air pumps are for medical applications as well, such as air mattresses, aquarium, massage bed and chair mechanisms, air sampling, and machinery attachments.

Dah Young Vacuum Dah Young Vacuum Technical Co., Ltd - www.dahyoung.com
- No.200, Zili 1st St.Wuqi Dist.Taichung City 435, Taiwan

email, Tel. (886)4-2639-2808

DAH YOUNG was established in 1968, and has been devoted to the PVD technology field for over 40 years. Our experience over the years resulted in developing coating equipment and technology that is applied to industries, such as electronics, optics, solar energy, automobile, telecommunication, cosmetics, household goods, toy and ceramics coating
products:   coating equipment and technology

R2R coater: MultiWeb, DR-Metallizer, HML Coater
Batch coater: DYPL-Hybrid coating in chamber, DYSP-EMI, DYC-NCVM, DMC (Optics Multi-Layer Vacuum Coater)
Thermal Evaporation Material

Ding Hwa co., Ltd -
- Room 4B-02 & 03, Taipei World Trade Centet 4Fl. #5, Section 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei, Taiwan 11011

email, Tel.

Founded in 1978
products:   mini vacuum pumps,

and oil-less mini air compressors

DTI DTI DingTen Industrial Inc. - www.
- No. 1-2 Sec. 2, Kwang Fu Rd., San Chung City, Taipei, 241, Taiwan

Rudy Wu, email, Tel. +886 2 22783666

DTI specializes in hygienic stainless steel fittings, tubings, high purity tubes, valves, filters, heat exchangers ever since its establishment in 1994.
Our products are suitable for the appliances of food, beverage, cosmetics, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, vacuum and semiconductors from 1/4" up to 8".
products:   Vacuum Bellows, Vacuum Flexible Hose, Vacuum Metal Hose

and also stainless steel flanges, fittings, pipe fittings, chambers, valves and pumps for vacuum, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries.

Doctors Friend Medical Instrument Co., Ltd -
- no. 28, Lane 13, Sec.3, Zhong Shan Re., Tanzi Shiang, Taichung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

email, Tel.

Our company was established in 1975 and has been a professional manufacturer of medical instruments.

suction units and vacuum pumps for medical applications

Ebara-Densan Taiwan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. -
- No.7 Nan-Yuen 2nd Road, Chung Li City, Tao Yuen Hsien, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-3-451-5881
products:   Service of vacuum pumps for semiconductor industries

- No. 89 Ganzhu Rd. Hemei Town, 50047 Changhua, Taiwan

Tj CHEN, email, Tel.

Everfit Technology is a division of Ming Yang Industry Co., Ltd., formally founded in 1976 and engaged in machining and manufacturing industrial fittings - cast and forged SS fittings, as well as forged flanges to the worldwide market.
Everfit Technology is established in 2001 mainly producing high quality fittings & valves for food, beverage, dairy, brewery, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries.
products:   vacuum flanges

vacuum flanges (KF, CF, ISO)

Taiwan Ejector Vacuum systems & Condensers FELCA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION -
- Yongkang City, Tainan County, Niaosung Street 120-1, Taiwan

Mr. Frank Chen, email, Tel.
products:   Ejector Vacuum systems & Condensers

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum systems, Steam Jet Cooling Plants, Desuperheaters, Thermo compressors, Jet Pumps, Gland Steam Condensers, Surface Condensers, Feed water Heaters, Condensing package, Condensation Plants, Jet Condensers, Low Pressure Heaters, High Pressure Heaters, Dump Condensers, Hogger Ejectors with Silencers, Steam Jet Heaters, Eductors, Ejectors (Air Jet / Liquid Jet / Gas Jet / Vapour Jet/ Steam Jet) Syphon Ejectors, Turbine Condensers / Turbine Extraction systems, Oil Coolers, Inter / After Coolers, Vacuum Degassing systems, Steel Degassing systems (VD & VOD), Steam Jet Chillers, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Jet and Venturi Scrubbers, Dump Tube / Dumping Device, Crystallizers, Evaporation Plants, etc.

- 1F., No.55, Chongshan 16th St., East Dist., Tainan City 70158, Taiwan

email, Tel.
products:   vacuum components

  chambers   feedthroughs   flanges

FA Vilsue Trading & Eng.Co. - 9F, No.86 Hsin Hai Road, Sec. 1, Taipei

Mr. G. K. Hsue, email, Tel.

GEA Wiegand representative
products:   vacuum ejectors

Greatech Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd -
- No. 48, Jhongjheng 1 Str., Yongkang City, Tainan County 710, Taiwan

email, Tel.

we supply roots blowers for the following applications: Waste water treatment, pneumatic conveying, vacuum packaging, aquaculture, power plants, cement factories, electroplating, chemical industry, mining.
products:   Roots Blower

Tri. Lobe Roots Blower Roots Blower
Bore Size: 25mm - 350mm (1" - 14")
Air Capacity: 0.1 -260 m3/min - Suction pressure: up to -5000 mmAq
Silent and High Efficiency Type Roots Blower
Bore Size: 25mm - 150mm
Air Capacity: 0.1 - 30 m3/min - Suction Pressure: up to -5000 mmAq

- No.5 Kongsan Road, Kuan-Yin Industrial Park, Kuan-Yin Shiang, Tao-Yuan Hsien, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-3-4836215

Hanbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd. was founded on 29th of April 1994 and has been ratified as "important technical corporation" by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Hanbell Company has two manufacturing bases:one is located in Kuan-Yin Industrial Park of Tao-Yuan, covering a factory floor space of 10,000 square meters (plant surface: 7,736 square meters). The other is located in Fenjing Area, JinShan District, Shanghai City covering approximately 40,000 square meters. There are a total of 400 employees serve in Hanbell system at this moment.
products:   screw type dry vacuum pump

Hanbell PS Series vacuum dry pump which has gear transmission is equipped with a coupling rotors, so the clearance between rotors can be minimum and the pump can be operated with out extra lubrication in the chamber; therefore, itís a oil free design compare with other similar products. With the patented screw rotor profile, the sealing effect between rotors is excellent and the ultimate working pressure can reach 7.5×10-3Torr?Because the discharge route of our design is shorter compare with other products, it can have better effect on removing dusts. Besides that, all rotors have the special coating on them, so our vacuum pump can be used in some production process such as PECVD and Etching.

- 18 PuDing Road, 6F-9, 302 HsinChu, Taiwan

Victor Wang, Tel. +886 3 5634539

Heli-Ocean Technology has been in vacuum business since 1989. We manufacture, sell, and service vacuum related products. We are also distributors of many famous brands such as Leybold, Inficon, HVA, and Varian. Our own products are under the brandname of HOTVAC.
products:   Vacuum Gauge and Controller

Adsorber, Helium Compressor, MFC Display, Vacuum Components

How Chong Vacuum Technology How Chong Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd - www.howchong.ttnet.net
- 2F, No.11, Lane 48, Pa Te Rd, Nanshih Tsun, Linkou, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Chih-Chien Chen, President, email, Tel. +886-2-26018824
products:   Vacuum Metallizing Machinery Equipment, vacuum coating machines

vacuum heat furnaces, tin sputtering coating equipment,.. applicable in cosmetics, car lamps, Xmas decorations, artworks, car rearview mirrors, toys, home decorations, religious articles and souvenirs.
Sizes of vacuum furnaces can be tailor-made according customer's requirements to meet western & Japanese quality. Turnkey and peripheral equipment/technological transfer services are available.

- Gung-Min South Road II An-Nan Area, Tainan 709, Taiwan

Yelin Lin, email. Tel.

Highlight Tech. Corp. specializes in semiconductor core spare parts production, vacuum pump vendoring, coupled with vacuum system modeling and technical services offering.
products:   Vacuum components

vacuum flange, KF-, ISO- and CF-flange,
vacuum valve, gate valve, vacuum fitting, vacuum adaptor, metal bellows, centering ring.

Vacuum pump service: turbo pump, dry pump, cryo pump, oil rotary vane pump
Equipment system: ic package solution, LCD/LCM/LED solution

Kawake Airvac Co., Ltd -
- 1F, No. 163, Hougang 1st Rd., Sinjhuang City, Taipei Hsien, 242 Taiwan
email, Tel.
products:   Side Channel Blowers

Kawake is a problem solver. Over 10-years experience and technical knowledge enable us to select one of the suitable products at the reasonable price for your job. Let us discuss any technical problems, we can offer the best solutions individually suitable of the requirements of your business.

- No.7, 9th East Street, Youth Industrial Zone, Tachia District, Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C 43770

email, Tel.

King Lai, founded in 1991, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers for components and fittings in sanitary piping systems and vacuum technology systems. King Lai sanitary division serves customers in various industries, from daily articles of dairy, food, and beverage, to laboratory studies of chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech. King Lai vacuum products are also valued highly by customers in vacuum technology, scientific instruments, laboratory research, and aerospace industries. With our recent success in research and development, King Lai vacuum division further expands services to semi-conductor, solar power, and fiber optic industries.
products:   Fittings, flanges & valves

Utilizing engineering and manufacturing expertise, King Lai is constantly developing HV & UHV fittings, flanges, valves and other accessories to meet needs in electronics, energy, vacuum systems, synchrotron radiation, and any other advanced technological industries.

KINGOOD Roots Blower -
- NO.414 ,Sheau Shin Yug ,Shann Huah, Tainan ,741, Taiwan

email, Tel.

We are a leading manufacturer of Roots Blower in Taiwan since 1990, we devote ourselves to manufacture Submersible type Roots Blower (GWB) , Re-circulated & Cooling Vertical type Roots Blower (GTB) , Suction Milk Pump (VTB) and Belt type Roots Blowers for over 18 years.
products:   Vacuum type Roots Blower

from 0.2 m3/mn up to 191.3 m3/min
Motor Power: 0.5 to 150Hp (0.75 to 112.5Kw)

KNF Taiwan KNF Neuberger Ltd.,Taiwan -
- 5/F, No. 39, Aly 18, Lane 37, Fu-der 1Road, His Chih Chen

email, Tel.
products:   membrane pumps , laboratory vacuum systems

KOU FUA,Chemical & Instruments Co., Ltd. - 5F-3, 505 Kwang Fu S. Road, Taipei

email, Tel.

KNF distributor
products:   membrane vacuum pumps , laboratory vacuum pumps

LEYBOLD VACUUM Taiwan Ltd. - No 416-1, Sec. 3, Chung-Hsin Rd., Chu-Tung, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
email, Tel.
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Dry Compressing Piston Vacuum Pumps, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, Dry Compressing Screw Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pump Systems,
Turbomolecular Pumps, Turbomolecular Pump Systems, Oil Diffusion Pumps, Cryopumps, Cryogenics, Vacuum Fittings and Feedthroughs, Vacuum Valves, Ultra-high Vacuum Components, Total Pressure Gauges, Leak Testing Instruments, Turboradial Blowers, High Vacuum Experimentation Systems.

FRIATEC Taiwan LIH Fluidtec Service Co. Ltd. -
- RM3, 11F No. 251, Min-Chuan 1st Road, Kaohsiung 800, Taiwan

Derren Hsieh, email, Tel.
products:   ceramic vacuum pumps

Friatec Rheinhütte liquid ring vacuum pump in engineering ceramic (Parts in contact with the medium made of FRIKORUND silicate ceramic material, impeller also in titanium, Hastelloy, zirconium or glass fibre reinforced PTFE. Frame casing GGG 40.3), complete vacuum systems (system solutions).
Area of application: Corrosive and abrasive gases and vapours in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Suction capacity up to 600 m3/h (vacuum or compressor), up to 100 mbarA or up to 30 mbarA combined with a ceramic gas jet pump

LJ UHV Technology LJ UHV Technology Co., Ltd - www.ljuhv.com
- 1F, No.69, Sec. 1, Lioujia 1st Rd., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

email, Tel.

LJ UHV Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Mr. Wu Jinlong in Zhubei City of Hsinchu County.
products:   High Vacuum Parts, Rotary Feedthrough Manufacturer

Being a superior manufacturer and supplier in Machinery & Industrial Supplies industry in Taiwan, LJ UHV Technology Co., Ltd. provides diverse products of High Vacuum Parts, Rotary Feedthrough Manufacturer.

email, Tel.
products:   Three lobes Roots vacuum blowers up to 80 m³/mn

New Winstar Enterprise Co., Ltd - 5F-4. No. 160, Zhong Zheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
email, Tel.
Side Channel Blowers
Turbo Blowers
Sirocco Fans
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps / Compressors _Oil Type
Portable / Mini Vacuum Pump / Compressor_Oil Type
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps / Compressors _ Oil-Free Type
Portable / Mini Vacuum Pump / Compressor_Oil-Free Type
Centrifugal Blowers and Fans -Household & Public Use
Smoke Collection Blower
Portable Ventilator

PCT Picatech PCT Picatech Co., Ltd. -
- No.417, Rou Zhou Rd, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Ms. Jamie Lee, email, Tel. 886-2-27618895
products:   vacuum coater, thin film deposition coater, thermal evaporation

vehical headlight, PVD coater, cutting tool, in line sputter, vacuum chambers, plasma emmision monitors, used vacuum coater, optical coating, glass coater, thermal evaporator, Arc coating

Prosol for optoelectronic and semiconductor industries Prosol Corporation - www.prosol.com.tw
- N°101, Xingong 3rd Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu county 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

email, Tel. +886 3 6569000

Prosol Corporation - founded in 2002, mainly in optoelectronic and semiconductor-related industries electronic equipment modules, vacuum systems and accessories sales and maintenance, so far already have a customer base both at home and abroad.
products:   semiconductor equipment

Turbo pump, Turbo pump repair kits, Turbo pump controller
RF generator, Power supply
Motor, Motor controller
Mass flow controller
Vacuum gauge
Touch panel
Helium leak detector

ROCKER laboratory vacuum pumps Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd.
- 11F, No. 402, Sec. 1, Ren-Ai Rd.,
Linkou Shiang, Taipei county 244, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd. is separated from Manufacturing Division of Today's Instruments Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. William Horng in year 2000.
Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes instruments in the fields of educational research, environmental protection, food and agriculture, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacy and medical science, etc.
products:   Laboratory, oil-free piston vacuum pumps

Piston Vacuum Pumps, Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Biosuction, Vacuum Filtration

Rocker series vacuum pump is a piston-powered, oil-free pump. With innovative electronic, mechanical technology and human design concept make Rocker's family quiet and low vibration, compact and light weight, clean and maintenance free, safe and comfortable.

RONTAI Ring blower Ron Tai Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd - www.blowertw.com.tw
- 64-2, Chiu-Sir Lane, Peitun Dist., Taichung Taiwan R.O.C

email, Tel. +886-4-2437-0038

Ron Tai Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd (mechanical factory) was founded in 1972 and joined the technical equipment field of air pressure and hydraulic pressure. In the year 1994, the company has established the motor factory and manufactures the professional IEC induction motors and oil pressure motors. More recently the company combines and develops between fluid and motor and then join the new blowers production line in 1998.
products:   side channel blower, turbo blower

Rietschle Thomas Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Ruey Chaang Blowers) -
- No. 13, Lane 70, Sec. 1, Chong Hwa Rd., Toochen City Taipei, 236, Taiwan

Tina Chang , email:

We are a professional manufacturer of side channel blower for over 15 years in Taiwan. To provide customers with high quality & competitive price is our principle all the way! Ruey Chaang blower really is a complete unit ready for immediate installation either as a vacuum or as a compressor.

The unit can be mounted in any position, horizontally or vertically. As its advantages are: Long life bearings, Low noise level, dual use of suction & discharge, oil free operation, TEFC (IP54) motor, standard F class insulation, etc.,
suitable for very wide field of application such as pneumatic conveying, bakery materials handling, paper feeding, socks knitting machine, plastic granule conveying, chemical plant, health application, furnace air supply, bottling plant, waste water treatment, metal treatment baths, etc.

- NO.142,DAH AN Road, Tu Cheng City, TAIPEI HSIEN, Taiwan, R.O.C.

email, Tel.

vacuum pump, blowers, compressors, vacuum gauge, chemical dry pump, optical ion source, thickness meter, vacuum valves, pipe fittings and other industrial necessities,
ion and vacuum coating machine, coating equipment, complete plants, powder conveying equipment, vacuum systems,
widely used in dry semiconductors, LCD / LED, electronics, medical and hospital , food industry, chemical industry, optical industry, heat treatment and other industries.

SHINI - www.shini.com
- 23 Minhe Street, shuin city, Taipei, Taiwan
email, Tel.

With corporate headquarters and factory based in Taipei Taiwan, Shini Group has established factories, sales and service offices in Mainland China, possesses more than 1,000 employees and 100,000 m2 floor spaces. With annual production more than 70,000 units and product sold to more than 50 countries and territories around the world, Shini plays a very important role in plastics auxiliary equipments industry.

Conveying & Mixing: Separate Vacuum Conveying, Centralised Vacuum Conveying
SHINI feeding and conveying series is intended for decreasing manual handling and improving efficiency.

Sun Kang lndustrial Co., LTD.
- Floor 6, No. 542-2, Chung Cheung Rd., Hsin Tien City

Tel. +886 (2) 2218 7801

SUN MINES ELECTRICS CO., Ltd - www.sunmines.com.tw
- No.15,Alley 3, Lane 391, Juangjing Rd.,Taipei,Taiwan 110

email, Tel. +886-2-2758-6060

Dry Vane Type Vacuum Pump (0,25KW)
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (up to 2HP)
Ring Blower (up to 10HP)
Coaxial vacuum acid/alkaline-resis pump

SUNNY KING - No. 12,Alley 5, Lane 147, Sec 2, Ming Sheng E. Road, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel. +886-2-25090049

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (SW,SWP,SWH,SWV)
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump (SR,SRD)
Rotary Rough vacuum Pump (RV)
Reciprocating Piston Vacuum Pump (VS,VSW)
Mechanical Booster Pumping System

Sterling Fluid Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd - No. 63 Lane 213 Zhong Zheng Road, Shih Lin, Taipei, Taiwan 111

email, Tel. +886 (2) 8631 2138

Taiwan Representative Office

- Liquid ring vacuum pumps: LEM, Close-coupled design, 7-160 acfm - LEH, Single stage, 220-540 acfm - LPH, Single and Two stage vacuum, 0.5-6000 acfm
- dry running vacuum pump SIHIdry
- Standard Vacuum Package Systems: XBA, Once Through or Partial Recirculation - TRB, Total Recirculation - OIL, Total Recirculation - SIVAC (SIHI Vacuum) Industrial and Medical Vacuum Systems

Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd - www.trundean.com.tw
- No. 101 Land 861, Fu-Kuo Rd., Taoyaun, Taiwan

email, Tel.

Trundean Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. Due to market requirements and business expansion we moved to a new factory at the present location in 2001.

Specializing in the manufacturing of blowers, wide varieties of products and special order with specific designs
Vacuum Blowers: from Model THV-50: 2" flanges, 2.8 m3/mn, 5 HP - up to Model THV-300A: 12", 120 m3/mn, 150 HP

ULVAC TAIWAN, Inc. - www.ulvac.com.tw
- 4F.-2, No.882, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., East District, Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-3-579-5688
products:   Sells and services vacuum systems and components

UNI-CROWN UNI-CROWN CO., Ltd - www.unicrown.com.tw
- 4F-1, NO. 700, Jhongjheng Rd., Jhonghe City, Taipei County 235, Taiwan, R.O.C.

email, Tel.

founded in 2002
products:   mini / small and medium sized oil-less vacuum pumps

(rocking piston) and air compressors ranging from 25 to 1100W and with AC and DC motors.
They are used in many application like medical apparatus, health care devices, electronic industry, printing machines and various automatic machineries assembly.

PCT Picatech UVAT Technology Co., Ltd. -
- 2F., No.40, Keya Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

Mr. Philip Lai, email, Tel. 886-4-25653755

Founded in 2002, UVAT is a group of specialists with years of experience in vacuum technology that are constantly engaged themselves in the design and development of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and key coating machines.
products:   Vacuum Metalizer, Vacuum Coater

We provide sputtering equipment and coating OEM service. In addition to the coating on cell phone buttons/monitors, the vacuum film coating process and Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM) specifically designed for RMI protection for laptop computers and cell phones are now available.

VACUTRONICS VACUTRONICS INC. - www.vacutronics.com.tw
- No.6, Lane 227, Fu-Yin Rd., Shin-Chung City, Taipei Hsien, 242 Taiwan, R.O.C

email, Tel. 886-2-2908-8330

Vacutronics Inc. was established in 1994, specializing in manufacturing oil less vacuum pumps, air compressors and have been exporting our products to Europe, U.S.A. and Japan for years. After accumulated many years of production experience With our precision machining facilities as well as our high quality control standard, vacutronics Inc. is now considered to be a leader in the field of vacuum pump manufacturers.
Applications include: Automation facilities, Industrial equipments, Laboratories, Optoelectronics Semi-conductor, pharmaceutical / medical production.
products:   Dry vacuum pumps, screw type


Vacuutek Vacuutek Corporation - www.vacuutek.com
- No.750, Sec. 1, Yanghu Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

email, Tel. +886-3-4786826
products:   Vacuum Coating Machine

PVD TiN or ZrN Hard coating plant.
Aluminium allory wheel sputtering chrome coating plant.
Note Book Computer case EMI coating plant.
In-line Plasma treatment for plastic componemt meet water base lacquer.
Robot spray + UV curing + metallising + HMDS top coat line for Auto lamp.
Flow coating + UV curing + metallising + HMDS top coat line for Auto lamp Automobile Back Mirror plate production line.
Metal Film Resistor Sputtering Coating plant.
Plastic metallizing plant.

Wellgrow Taiwan Wellgrow Industries Corp. -
- No.66, Lane 126, Sec. 2, Shi-Twen Rd., Taichung 40749, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Sandy Wang, email, Tel.

Wellgrow Industries Corp. founded in 1987 is the member of HSIUNG SHUN GROUP a professional manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and carbon steel butt weld fittings, cast pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings, sanitary fittings, sanitary valves for various industries applications.
products:   Vacuum components, vacuum flanges

Wellgrow manufactures a full line of Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Products, Vacuum Components, Vacuum Flange, Flange Adapter, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Tubing, Vacuum Hose, Pipe Fittings, Weld Fitting, based on our flexible production ability and strict quality control, which are applied to high vacuum system, semiconductor industry, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, and optoelectronics applications.

yjtech Y&J Tech. Inc. - www.yjtech.com.tw
- No.96, Tahsiang St., Sanmin Li, Chungli City 320, Taoyuan, Taiwan

email, Tel. +886-3-4223851

To provide our customers with comprehensive and prompt after-sales service, we have offices in Taiwan and China.
products:   Y&J Tech Inc. is specialized in the distribution of

DC Power Supply, Pulse DC Power Supply, MF Power Supply, RF generator/ Matching Network,

Magnetron Sputtering Gun, Ion Source, Plasma Source, Microwave Source.

yutai YT STABLE TECH. CORP. - www.yutai.tw
- No.22, Ln. 241, Lunping S. Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan

email , Tel. +886-4-7611589

YT STABLE was founded in 2005, focusing on the field of vacuum brake boosters and patent development of vehicles.
products:   Brake vacuum pumps and VBS for Electric Vehicles

The VBS pump kit comes with all the componets for the completed vacuum assist solution. This includes an ultra-quiet pump, automatic shutoff switch, relay, fuse, tubing and everything required for the installation. Now VBS has become the best solution for many EV manufactures around the world, and all consider it a extra quite one with perfect performance in improving the brake efficiency of electric vehicles.

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