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CUTES CUTES Corporation - www.cutes.com.tw
- 2-22, Nan Yuan Road, Chung Li City 320, Taoyuan, Taiwan

email, Tel. + 886 3 4612333

Established in 1974, 130 employees, qualified ISO9001
products: Vacuum Pumps, Blowers,Automatic Control Systems, DC and AC motors, Inverters

CUTES liquid ring vacuum pumps : CNN/CVP Model (Single Stage/ Cone type), CE1/CE3 & CPV/CPS Model (Single Stage/Plate type) , CAT Model (Double Stage/Cone type), CPD Model (Double Stage/Plate type), Mechanical booster vacuum system, CV5 & CV6 vacuum Pumps ,

OSAKA Turbo Molecular pump : TGkine series(Magnetically Levitated with Integrated Control Unit Type) , TG-F series(Grease Lubricated Ball Bearing Type), TG-M series(Magnetically Levitated Type), TG series(Oil Lubricated Ball Bearing Type) , Dry Vacuum Pump Air-cooled series, Dry Vacuum Pump EcopositiV series, Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Compact series



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