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Armadillo SIA -
- Krisjana Valdemara 33-11A, Riga LV 1010 , Latvijas Republika

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products: Vacuum Opical Feedthroughs

Our Optical Fiber Feedthroughs seal a fiber or assembly within a metal sleeve. The fiber is held in a fixed position with a glass-to-metal seal. Excellent for vacuum pressure applications.
Pressure and vacuum feedthroughs are available in multiple configurations for various sized fibers. They offer exceptional reliability and smooth operation for even the most demanding applications.
Because Armadillo SIA's multi-purpose fibers are of superior quality, they can be used in a diverse range of applications. Your options are virtually limitless. Manufactured to your specifications, vacuum feedthroughs are available in unlimited cell, flange, and port designs, and are ideal for a wide range of wavelengths. Our fibers are at work in everything from drug enforcement and homeland security to precise medical processes like brain stent delivery.

Sidrabe Latvia Sidrabe, Inc. -
- 17 Krustpils Str., Riga, 1073 Latvijas Republika

email, Tel. +371 7249806

Since 1962 Sidrabe has been manufacturing vacuum deposition equipment and developing unique technological processes for production, pilot and R&D coaters. Sidrabe R&D Department is capable of performing unique contract research. Our Metallization shop offers contract coating.
products: Vacuum deposition machines and processes for Webs (Non-metal webs, Metal webs), Glass, Powders, 3D Parts.

Vacuum machines and processes for Solar materials, Battery materials, Display materials.
Components, Sputter magnetrons, Pretreatment devices, Evaporation devices
Special equipment: Drying machines, Laminators



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