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- Nijverheidsweg 34, 3274 KJ Heinenoord, The Netherlands

David Schijve, email:, Tel. +31 186 600 019

Vactec designs and supplies Thin Film Deposition systems and components, vacuum pump systems and provides training in vacuum technology, thermal evaporation and helium leak testing.
Experience in R&D and Industry with processes and capital equipement provides the basis for our products and services.
products:   Thin Film Deposition systems & Components

We design, built and install Thin Film Deposition systems and components for:
Thermal resistance evaporation & E-gun evaporation
Standard Temescal E-gun PVD systems for R&D and production
Temescal E-guns, Powersupplies, sweepcontroller, TemEBEAM controller

Advice and built of special vacuumsystems, including automated control and datalogging:
Advice of highvacuum pumpingsystem
Advice of Process automation
Upgrade of existing vacuumsystems
Custombuilt vacuum testing systems

ONLINK Technologies ONLINK Technologies GmbH -
- Porschestr. 12, 63512 Hainburg, Germany

Klaus Schafsteck, email: info(at), Tel. +49 (0)6182-935116

ONLINK is specialised in providing Components, Service and entire Coating Systems to the Vacuum Industry.
products:   Coating Systems, Custom Fabrication, Second Hand / Rebuilt Vacuum Equipment

Deco / 3D : The plant is very flexible and optimized for the uninterrupted 24-hours operation. This double door design allows assembling the planetary substrate holders with parts, while the first set of substrates is in the coating process already.

Web : An innovative web coating system based on induction evaporators. Specially developed to achieve optimum, pinhole-free layers on high speed with high layer uniformity in the coating process.

OptiCoat : vacuum coating system for precision optics. These high-precision systems are developed for the vapor deposition on substrates of different materials.