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Heimerle Meule Heimerle + Meule GmbH -
- Dennigstraße 16, 75179 Pforzheim, Germany

Carsten Zech, Key-Account-Manager,
email:, Tel. +49 7231 940-2557

As Germany's oldest gold and silver refinery, Heimerle + Meule stands for lasting values - as reflected in our products, our philosophy and in our company's history and traditional roots. Founded in 1845 in Pforzheim (known locally as the Golden City), our company has evolved to become one of the leading end-to-end suppliers on the precious metal processing market. Precious metal recycling and trading, precious metal semi-finished products, surface coating,..
products: Gentle, durable, versatile PVD coating

With extensive expertise in electroplating surface coating and PVD coating, Heimerle + Meule offers the right solution for any application.

Whether you want to subcontract electroplating work for the decorative or the technical field, we have the optimal procedure for all batch sizes as well as for customised production of single items.

Experienced electroplating specialists work in our in-house rack and continuous strip electroplating, applying their well-founded knowledge to find the perfect customer solution.

Vakuum- und Plasmatechnik Flöha VPF Vakuum- und Plasmatechnik Flöha -
- Chemnitzer Strasse 18, 09557 Flöha, Germany

André Kempe, email:, Tel. +49 (0)3726 700950

The owners previously worked at the Förderzentrum Mittelsachen as project managers in the plasma technology and electronics departments. Since our spin-off in 2002, VPF has supplied high-quality products in the fields of vacuum technology and electronics.
products: Vacuum- and plasma technology

Electronics: Development and production of MF generators, vacuum systems and electronic devices according to your specification.

Subcontracting: Several rotary basket systems are available for vapor deposition or sputtering of aluminum, copper etc. on various base materials (for example plastic, glass).

CREAVAC CREAVAC - Creative Vakuumbeschichtung GmbH -
- Löbtauer Strasse 67-69, 01159 Dresden, Germany

email:, Tel. +49 (351) 21 83 8-0

CREAVAC is a company with many years of experience and excellent technological competence in the field of vacuum coating, plastic coating and PVD, sputtering, electron beam evaporation, and the construction of vacuum coating systems.
We produce technical and decorative surfaces with metal and paint or design the corresponding vacuum coating equipment. We are always on the cutting edge of technology and deliver complete solutions from one source. Many years of experience in the field of coatings flow directly into our company.
products: High vacuum coatings

EMI Coatings, IR Reflection, VIS-Reflection, Decorative Coatings, Plastic Coatings, Special Technologies

The finishing of surfaces is anything but a superficial matter for our company. Renowned national and international clients in the automotive industry, medical technology, and microelectronics and packaging industries benefit from the many years of know-how.
With a wide range of technology and the highest quality, we will assist you from single production through to volume production in all coating matters.
Our research department is constantly working to improve our technologies and developing new methods for surface coating. So we have the most advanced products always available.



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