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KG Coating Vacuum Deposited Cadmium Aluminium coating KG Coating Ltd. -
- Unit 8-9 Canal Wood Industrial Estate, Chirk, Wrexham, Clwyd LL14 5RL, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 01 691 778 070

KG Coating are a subcontract coating company who have been trading since 1994. The company offers a variety of coatings for corrosion protection and dry lubrication. Application techniques vary dependant on application and cost. Included in the processing equipment are vacuum coating plants for the application of aluminium and cadmium coating. Capacity also exists for the application of polymer and dry film coatings. Application techniques include dip spin, dip drain, bulk/tumble spray and chain on edge spindle spray.
products: Vacuum Deposited Cadmium (Vac-Cad)

Vacuum deposition of cadmium has found a niche in the Aerospace Industry, replacing electro deposited cadmium on components where a risk of hydrogen embrittlement is not acceptable.
Cadmium can be deposited to the requirement of the following specifications: MIL 8837, DTD 940, Def Std 03-28 Pt 2 and a number of dedicated company specifications.

IVD Aluminium: Aluminium coating can be deposited onto most metallic substrates, either by barrel coating for small parts, or jig/rotary rack for larger components. The aluminium coating gives a corrosion resistant coating, providing galvanic compatibility without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Mantis Deposition Mantis Deposition Ltd -
- 2 Goodson Industrial Mews, Wellington Street, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 3BX, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 1844 260160

Mantis Deposition was established in 2003 by scientists who have the winning combination of deep understanding of nanotechnology, instrumentation and thin film deposition.
We are a specialist instrumentation company developing high quality deposition components and systems for the thin film coating community.
products: Thin films produced by physical vapour deposition (PVD)

Industrial coating: Mantis provides a coating service to supply customers with high quality thin film coatings on a wide range of substrate materials. Mantis discusses technical requirements with the customer to determine the optimum process for the application. Techniques that may be employed include: thermal evaporation and DC/RF sputtering.

Nano coatings: The team at Mantis has been working on a groundbreaking, but scalable process for the production and deposition of nanoparticles in vacuum since 2003. Mantis has participated in numerous UK and EU funded projects as well as partnerships to expedite the commercialisation of products utilising nano-structured thin film coatings. The application areas include: fuel cells, photovoltaics, sensors and chemical catalysis.

Siltint lens coatings for the ophthalmic industry Siltint Industries -
- 124 Longley Lane, Manchester M22 4SP, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 0161 945 4000

Established in 1972, Siltint supplies a full range of lens coatings for the ophthalmic profession and industry. Processes range from advanced antireflection thin film coating to lens tinting and mirrors. Siltint's ophthlamic processes are designed to ensure all products surpass the optical quality of typical high street brands.
products: high vacuum coatings and processes

Processes range from advanced antireflection thin film coating to lens tinting and mirrors. Siltint's ophthlamic processes are designed to ensure all products surpass the optical quality of typical high street brands.

Siltint Industries provides a highly efficient thin film design, production and testing service for the precision optical and optoelectronic industries. Siltint utilises the latest technologies in plasma/Ion assist and real time optical monitoring to ensure coatings meet exacting standards.

Vacuum Coatings Ltd Scientific Mirrors Vacuum Coatings Ltd (Scientific Mirrors) -
- 66 Barrett Road, London (Greater London) E17 9ET, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 20 85205353

Vacuum Coatings Ltd has been in business since 1948. We are specialists in high vacuum coatings and processes.
Vacuum Coatings Scientific Mirrors was started as a seperate business in 1994, to deal with the sale of telescopes, binoculars, astronomical supplies and accessories and the recoating of astronomical and photographic mirrors.
products: high vacuum coatings and processes

We have produced work, amongst others, for advertising companies, architects, architectural model makers, film companies, aerospace companies, television companies, photographers and astronomers.
We specialise in gold, aluminium, nicrome, titanium, silver and magnesium fluoride (anti-reflection) coatings.



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