High Voltage Power Supply

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High Voltage Power Supply        High Voltage Power Supply

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high voltage and DC power supplies J. SCHNEIDER ELEKTROTECHNIK GMBH - www.j-schneider.de
- Helmholtzstrasse 13, 77652 Offenburg, Germany

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In the High Voltage (HV) division of J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH high voltage and DC power supplies for the high voltage and vacuum process equipment are designed and manufactured. J. Schneider built up its reputation as a competent supplier of high voltage power supplies for ion and electron beam applications, x-ray, laser and high voltage plasma processes. The high reliability and robustness of the products in a variety of customer application environments led to this reputation. Typical applications we serve in the industrial and research markets include e-beam evaporation, e-beam welding, ion beam systems, capacitor charge systems, glow discharge and x-ray supplies.
products:   high voltage and DC power supplies

Schneider DC power supplies range in the output rating from 1kW - 30kW with output voltages from 150V up to 150kV.

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