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Polyteknik Vakuum Coatning Polyteknik AS
- Moellegade 21, 9750 Oestervraa, Lyngby, Danmark

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Polyteknik is a production- and R/D-company. We focus our business on vacuum based technologies for manufactoring of thinfilms and structures in the nano- and micro-range.
Polyteknik was founded at the end of 1994 and was running with production from the beginning of 1995. The first order to be manufactured were parts for the HC Oersted Satellite
Produkte: PVD-processes (Physical Vapour Deposition) for thinfilm deposition

Polyteknik has based its technology platform on vacuum technologies. We widely use Sputtering, E-beam evaporation and Thermal evaporation.

Secondary some PECVD-processes (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) are used for some non-metallic coatings. For measurement and characterisation of thinfilms in the nano-range we are using spectroscopic ellipsometri.



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