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Qatar vacuum pump        Qatar

Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies & Services Co. -
- 23102, Doha - Qatar

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With immense experience in various oilfields and long history of co-operation with numerous public and private companies, Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services, which has laid its foundation in 1995, has great competencies to cooperate with companies in developing and entering the UAE market.
Al Ghaith has achieved a range of qualifications and accreditations that both reflects the integrity of our business, abiding to all applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements, include ISO 9001:2000/14001:2004 and OHAS 18001:1999.
products:   Industrial Vacuum Truck Services

Full fleet of industrial vacuum trucks guarantees prompt service and the right tool for the job.
Pick up solids, powders, liquids, slurries, metallic chips, caustics, dust, oils, sewage, spills, and sumps and more!
Tank cleaning
Transportation and disposal services
Pumping services
Contingency planning services
On-land hydro-carbonation releasess
Vessel tank cleaning and stripping

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