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GEA Wiegand Abu Dhabi Al Mazroui Engineering Co. - www.gea.com
- 138 Baniyas Street, Suite 1003, Al Yasat Tower, P.O. Box 97, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Mr. Basil M. Agha, email: mazeng@eim.ae
Tel. +9712 6742 422

GEA Wiegand representative
products:   vacuum ejectors and vacuum systems

steam jet vacuum pumps, jet pumps,
vacuum/steam jet cooling plants,
Condensation plants, vacuum degassing plants,
Jet and Venturi scrubbers

ARAS Equipment Est. - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

email, Tel +971 42670302

BUSCH representative
products:   Rotary vane vacuum pumps

Sterling Fluid Systems (Middle East) - www.sterlingsihi.com
- P O Box 61491, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

email, Tel. + 971 4 8838733
- Liquid ring vacuum pumps: LEM, Close-coupled design, 7-160 acfm - LEH, Single stage, 220-540 acfm - LPH, Single and Two stage vacuum, 0.5-6000 acfm
- dry running vacumm pump: SIHIdry AS160, 100 ACFM - SIHIdry H250/H400, 150/250 acfm - SIHIdry H631/H1000, 400/600 acfm
- Standard Vacuum Package Systems, Once Through or Partial Recirculation, or Oil Total Recirculation

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