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VACMA JSC (Vacuummash Joint Stock Company) -
- 420 054, Russia

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Vacuummash JSC is specialized in the design and manufacture of modern vacuum pumps and units for different branches of industry and agriculture. Vacuummash JSC also design and manufacture unique vacuum units for obtaining ultra-clean metals, for sputtering thin film coatings on various materials etc..
- Mechanical vacuum pumps and units: rotary-vane vacuum pumps from 0,1 to 80 l/s, Roots type vacuum pumps, rotary piston pump up to 20 l/s, liquid-ring vacuum pumps up to 5 m3/min.
- Jet vacuum pumps and units: oil-vapour booster pumps, oil-vapour diffusion pumps
- Sputter-ion ultra high-vacuum pumps and units: Getter-ion vacuum pumps
- Vacuum Valves
- Vacuum Coating units

Ferri Vatt, Private limited company -
- Adelya Kutuya st. 159, Kazan, 420089, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation

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Company was established in 1991 by Vakuummash employees who had been engaged in designing vacuum coaters for mirror production and application of protective-decorative coatings as well as vacuum dryers for wood, drugs and foodstuff.
Since then we have manufactured more than 60 plants of various types and purposes. Some were produced in a series, like VATT-1200M, VATT-1600-2Mglass coating lines, others were subjects of individual orders.
products: vacuum coaters

Float glass coaters, Plants for application of decorative coatings and protective coatings
Combined coaters for depositing coatings of metals and their compounds with subsequent deposition of SiOx by means of plasma polymerization

Servo S Ltd. -
- 3 Lermontova str., Penza 440026, Russia

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products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps

manufactured by Bessonovka (Penza, Russia)