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  • The BVC 21 NT is a redesigned version of Vacuubrand's stand-alone bio-fluid aspirating system. Classic applications include removing supernatants and other fluids from Petri dishes, micro titration plates and cell culture flasks.
  • The BVC 21 NT is ideal for safe fluid aspiration in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and medicine. The BVC 21 NT ergonomic hand controller is compatible with most pipettes and tips.
  • The HEPA filter prevents bacteria from escaping the autoclavable collection bottle, thereby protecting the vacuum pump and ensuring user safety.
  • An automatic vacuum switch controls the pump according to demand, removing the need for a foot pedal and providing a predominantly silent solution.
  • The BVC 21 NT's thumb-wheel control for micro-litre precision provides sensitive control of fluid aspirations. The variable speed vacuum control prevents foaming of sensitive substances and powerful aspiration when high performance is needed.

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