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NALGE Numn Nalge Nunc International -
- 75 Panorama Creek Drive, Rochester, 14625, USA

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Our products are durable, break-resistant, lightweight, and just the right dimensions for your lab. We offer an incredible range of sizes and shapes - we're sure that there is one that is an exact match for your demanding application. NALGENE bottles are lighter in weight than glass and protect against leakage, breakage, and contamination. Our products offer your laboratory a safer alternative without sacrificing the accuracy you need. From tiny dropper bottles to large carboys, you always get high-quality, re-usable plasticware when you use our laboratory products.
products: Vacuum chamber systems
  • Vacuum Chambers, polycarbonate or polyetherimide jar, white polypropylene or white polycarbonate plate
  • Vacuum chamber systems include a transparent jar and gasketed vacuum plate with a tubing adapter that fits 1/4-in. I.D. tubing

Plas-Labs Plas-Labs, Inc. -
- , 401 E. North Street, Lansing, MI 48906, USA

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products: Lab Chambers, Vacuum Chambers
  • Lab Chambers: The modest cost of these units enables the investigator to easily dedicate one chamber for one specific research project.
  • These superb cabinets have superior strength and sealing characteristics, utilizing heavier gauge transparent acrylic plastic with formed top corners to minimize section joints.
  • Vacuum Chambers: These fine vacuum chambers are similar in design to our glove box transfer chambers that have been used for over forty (40) years.

Terra Universal Vacuum Chambers Terra Universal, Inc. -
- 800 S. Raymond Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA

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products: Acrylic Vacuum Chambers
  • Ideal for degassing small parts and mixed liquids, vacuum encapsulation, and general purpose vacuum experiments
  • Provide a safe, convenient way to transport moisture- and particle-sensitive materials
  • Clear acrylic construction provides full visibility of parts
  • Sturdy construction and inlaid O-ring seal supports vacuum level down to 29.9" Hg
  • Solvent welding, 304 stainless steel and chrome-plated hardware ensure a completely noncontaminating environment




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