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Productos: Impregnación al vacío

Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for the electrical industry - VPI Series
Low vacuum insulating oil treatment equipment- EDS / EDC Series

Impregnation equipment: The electrical and electronic component industry requires an impregnation technique that guarantees maximum reliability and consistency. The main benefits of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation are:
  • Obtention of parts with greater dielectric strength
  • Greater protection against humidity
  • Increased mechanical rigidity
Using VPI, coils and insulators are placed in an autoclave and then subjected to a high level of vacuum. In this way, the subsequent penetration of the impregnation fluid into the deepest cavities is achieved, being improved due to the pressurisation of the autoclave. Generally, electrical resistors incorporated into the system are used as a heat source, although other systems, such as pressurised steam or hot air from a forced convection air heater, are also possibilities.
The unit includes a cylindrical autoclave and the necessary impregnation fluid storage tanks.
The vacuum equipment can include roots, hydro-roots and diffusion pumps, along with their respective accessories, from active carbon filters and steam condensers to deposits for decanting impurities. The control and supervision system consists of a PLC and a touch-sensitive user interface screen, which allows cycles to be selected and the corresponding parameters to be set.

Insulating oil treatment equipment: To ensure correct operation of the electrical transformers, it is necessary for the insulating oil to be free from humidity, dissolved gases and solid particles. New oils also require treatment in order to reduce these contents to adequate levels.
Contaminated oil loses its characteristics of dielectric rigidity, resistivity and loss factors. The presence of humidity, furthermore, favours the formation of acids and sludge.
The equipment used for treating dielectric oils manufactured by Telstar has been designed for the filtration, dehydration and degassing of insulating oils used in transformers and electrical cables.
The unit includes filters, heat exchanger, oil outlet pump and degassing column supplied with packing in a sole or dual purpose version. The vacuum unit consists of a rotary vane pump. It includes electronic temperature measurement and regulation and precision vacuum gauge.



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