vacuum sewage

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vacuum sewage        vacuum sewage

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sewage collection, handling and treatment systems Philcor, subsidiary of H.I.Fraser Pty Ltd -
- 27a Stockdale Rd, OConnor, WA 6163, Australia

email:, Tel.+ 61 8 9314 7877
products:   installation and maintenance of vacuum sewage collection systems

H.I.Fraser acquired Philcor Pty Ltd into its portfolio in September 2003. Philcor specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of vacuum sewage collection systems, for residential developments, buildings, trains, aircraft and marine applications. Philcor operates out of Western Australia but also has staff and facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Rockhampton.
Design, Engineering and Development of sewage collection, handling and treatment systems.
Manufacture of specialised equipment. Chlorination units, stainless steel grease traps, oil separators, vacuum tanks, ejector systems, special purpose lifting gear, interface tanks, grommets, vacuum system collection pits and more.
Supply of proprietary system and equipment as agents and distributors for Evac, Loro, Iseki, Herborner, Huntingdon Fusion and Pipestoppers.
Installation and Commissioning of sewage collection and treatment systems: Contracting independently or by joint venture for turn-key design and supply.
Maintenance and Servicing of existing vacuum sewage collection systems.