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KNF Taiwan LABOPORT Vacuum Systems KNF Neuberger Ltd.,Taiwan -
- 5/F, No. 39, Aly 18, Lane 37, Fu-der 1Road, His Chih Chen, Taiwan

email, Tel.

KNF Neuberger has a global presence. Thirteen subsidiaries are located in Europe, America and Asia.
products:   KNF Laboport

Diaphragm pumps used in the chemical and process engineering sectors,
instrumentation and control applications, analytical devices, medical technology, and in the laboratory.
Micro Pumps (0.25 to 4 LPM), Mini Pumps (4 to 15 LPM), High Capacity Pumps (17 to 300 LPM), Heated Head Sampling Pumps (9 to 64 LPM), Explosion Proof (17 to 56 LPM)
features available:
- Double diaphragm system for more safety in pumping toxic, hazardous or valuable gases.
- Heated Pump head to prevent condensation: up to 240 °C with electronic temperature control.

ROCKER laboratory vacuum pumps Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd - www.rocker.com.tw
- 11F, No. 402, Sec. 1, Ren-Ai Rd.,
Linkou Shiang, Taipei county 244, Taiwan(R.O.C)

email: export@rocker.com.tw, Tel +886-2-2603-3311

Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd. is separated from Manufacturing Division of Today's Instruments Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. William Horng in year 2000.
Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes instruments in the fields of educational research, environmental protection, food and agriculture, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacy and medical science, etc.
products:   oil-free piston vacuum pumps

Piston Vacuum Pumps, Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Biosuction, Vacuum Filtration

Rocker series vacuum pump is a piston-powered, oil-free pump. With innovative electronic, mechanical technology and human design concept make Rocker's family quiet and low vibration, compact and light weight, clean and maintenance free, safe and comfortable.
Quiet and low vibration: Directly motor driven without transmission mechanism and quality rubber feet keep noise level only 48.7~60dB.
Compact and light weight: Aluminum die-cast and precise construction make Rocker's family small and compact.
Clean and maintenance free: Oil-free design makes it clean and maintenance free.
Safe and comfortable: Rocker's family are CE approved.

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