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Charles Austen Charles Austen Pumps Ltd. -
- Royston Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7NY, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products: Laboratory vacuum systems

Capex 8C pumps are low cost multi-purpose laboratory vacuum pumps ideal for applications including microbiology experiments, filtration and aspiration.

ILMVAC Laboratory Vacuum Systems ILMVAC (UK) Ltd. - www
- Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8DH, United Kingdom

Mr. Angus Willis, email, Tel.

ILMVAC manufactures in Ilmenau in the heart of Germany. The region has a history of innovation in scientific research and apparatus manufacture in which ILMVAC has long played its part. In the UK, our location is equally rich in history. West Sussex is the centre for vacuum science in this country. The concentration of high vacuum knowledge and experience in this region plays no small part in our choice of location for our UK offices.
products: Laboratory Vacuum Systems

Compact, dry-running, chemical resistant diaphragm pump systems. Ideal solution for many applications in chemical laboratories and research. Equipped with or without pressure regulation depending upon their use.

KNF UK KNF Neuberger U.K., Ltd -
- Avenue 2, Station Lane Industrial Estate, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4FA, United Kingdom

email:, Tel. +44 (1993) 77 83 73

The UK subsidiary offers a global approach, but with local touch. At our facilities in Witney, Oxfordshire we are able to offer full sales and technical support, repair and after sales service. UK systems and specialised packages are an integral part of our operation. KNF experts are your competent partner for all applications involving transferring, compression, evacuation and metering.
products: KNF Laboport
  • Diaphragm pumps used in the chemical and process engineering sectors
  • instrumentation and control applications, analytical devices, medical technology, and in the laboratory
  • Micro Pumps (0.25 to 4 LPM), Mini Pumps (4 to 15 LPM), High Capacity Pumps (17 to 300 LPM), Heated Head Sampling Pumps (9 to 64 LPM), Explosion Proof (17 to 56 LPM)
  • features available:
    • Double diaphragm system for more safety in pumping toxic, hazardous or valuable gases
    • Heated Pump head to prevent condensation: up to 240 °C with electronic temperature control

VACUUBRAND Laboratory vacuum systems VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG Sales UK - www

North: Georgina Cape, email, Tel.

South: Edward Gill, email, Tel.

With 160 employees and over 45 years of experience, Vacuubrand manufactures the most comprehensive range of laboratory and instrumentation vacuum pumps, gauges and controllers for rough and fine vacuum. The product range comprises rotary vane pumps, oil-free diaphragm pumps, complete pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks.
products: Laboratory vacuum systems
  • The VACUUBRAND PC 500 NT and PC 600 NT series control the vacuum using conventional two-point control via an in-line solenoid valve. The PC 600 NT series with an ultimate vacuum down to 1.5 mbar is perfectly suited for applications with high-boiling-point solvents. Both series offer the advantage of models capable of simultaneous operation of two separate applications with only one pump.
  • The VACUUBRAND PC 3000 VARIO series pumping units use frequency controlled pumps to provide fully automatic boiling point detection by continuously adjusting the volume flow rate to the changing process conditions. Depending on the pump configuration, an ultimate vacuum down to 0.6 mbar can be achieved.
  • VACUU·LAN® vacuum networks make it possible to supply several different applications with one vacuum pump; this is a money- and space-saving solution when a lot of users are working with vacuum in one laboratory.


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