Linear diaphragm vacuum pumps

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AIR SUPRA Linear diaphragm air pump Chu Yeong Commercial Corp. -
- 1F., No.3, Alley 6, Lane 152, Kunyang St., Nangang District, Taipei City 115, Taiwan

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Chu Yeong Commercial Corp. has been in the air pump field since 1998 and focused on exporting stable, reliable, and low-noise qualified linear diaphragm air pumps to Japan. In order to pursue stable and high performance, we do the knowledge interchange of technological cooperation with related industries in Japan and satisfy the market demand of 10000 units per year. Since the 3rd quarter of 2002, we have started to enter domestic market and obtained orders from the European and American customers as well. In addition to a wide range of standard pump models that can be utilized off shelf, we also offer OEM and customized linear diaphragm air pumps to industry for original equipment application.
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Aluminum Casing, Perfect Performances, Low Noise, Low Energy Consumption, Oil-free and Easy Maintenance!

These models are for industrial applications. Provided with suction and exhaust functions, AirSupra linear diaphragm air pumps are for medical applications as well, such as air mattresses, aquarium, massage bed and chair mechanisms, air sampling, and machinery attachments.

Applications: Wastewater Treatment, Inflatable Packaging Material Machines, Koi Ponds, Air Mattresses, Medical Equipment, Massage Bed and Chair Mechanisms, Water Gardens, Air Sampling, Aqua Culture, Pneumatic Massage Equipment, Medical Application, Septic Tanks, Bubble Bath, Oxygen Supply for Fish Tank

ALITA linear air pump ALITA INDUSTRIES, INC. -
- No. 45, Lane 20, Sec. 1, Wenhwa 2nd Rd., Linkou Hsiang, Taipei Hsien 244, Taiwan

Tel. +886 (02) 2609-4889

Alita Industries is dedicated to the design and distribution of the efficient and effective air and water moving products since 1990. Performance, reliability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are the most important priorities in our development process.
products:   ALITA® Linear Air Pumps

Oil free and contamination free operation
Performance ranges of 3-500 LPM, 0.1-18 CFM
Low maintenance with minimal noise vibration
Compact design, solid construction and field service ability,
Continuous and intermittent duty operation
Fast and prompt shipments
Most models conform to the European Community's Machinery Directive (CE) and UL certified in compliance to US and Canadian safety standards for outdoor air compressors