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Pfeiffer Vacuum roots pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd -
- Unit B, 5th Floor, Building 3, YouYou Park, 428 Yanggao South Road,
Shanghai, 200127, China

email:, Tel. +86 (0)21-33933940

Pfeiffer Vacuum-作为全球领先的真空技术解决方案的供应商之一。我们不仅拥有全系列的混合轴承及全磁悬浮涡轮分子泵, 同时还拥有各种旋片泵,干泵,罗茨泵,氦气质谱检漏仪,真空规,四级质谱仪等产品以及真空管件和综合真空系统。 从普发1958年发明涡轮分子泵至今, 我们在全球分析、研发、镀膜、太阳能、半导体和其他工业领域,始终代表着创新的解决方案、高品质、稳定可靠的产品和一流的服务。公司自1890年创立至今百余年,现有将近2300名员工,20多家分公司遍布全球,并且在德国、法国、罗马尼亚、韩国设有生产制造基地。
products:   Roots vacuum blowers

Shandong Zhangqiu Blower vacuum blowers Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co., Ltd -
- Huifeng Industry park, Mingshui, Zhangqiu City, Shandong, China 250200

Liu Wei, email, Tel.

Founded in September of 1968. We passed ISO9001 quality system authentication in December, 1996.
We are the largest Positive displacement blower manufacturer in China, the technology of our Roots type blower is from USA and Japan.
products:   roots type blower, roots vacuum pump

multistage centrifugal blower, regenerative blowers and accessories for blowers.

海门市海真真空设备有限公司 海门市海真真空设备有限公司 - www.
- Southern Industrial Zone, Desheng Town, Haimen City 226101, Jiangsu Province, China

email, Tel. 0513-82271042

products:   ZJ、ZJB、ZJC、ZJBC系列罗茨真空泵

ZJ、ZJB、ZJC、ZJBC型罗茨真空泵是一种旋转实变容积式真空泵,又称机械增压泵,是目前获得中、高真空的主要抽气设备之一,其工作原理与罗茨鼓风机相似,是利用两个“8”字型转子,在泵壳内作同步转动,从而完成吸气和排气。 ZJB、ZJBC型带溢流阀罗茨真空泵与ZJ、ZJC型罗茨真空泵的不同之处是ZJB、ZJBC型泵进排气口连通,在通道上垂直地装着一个自重阀,其作用是使排气口和进气口的压力差始终保持在一个可控制的数值内,该数值是泵可靠运转时所允许的最高压力差值。因此,这种阀实际上就是一种过载自动保护阀。 ZJC、ZJBC型罗茨真空泵是本公司自行开发设计的第二代罗茨真空泵。其体积小、重量轻、运行平稳、低噪音。上下垂直与侧面流道、低泄漏率。骨架油封与机械密封可以任意选用。对内密封冲注保护气体,防腐蚀。可采用风冷和水冷方式满足不同工况要求。ZJBC型带溢流阀罗茨真空泵溢流阀是内置结构,不同ZJB型,外形同ZJC没有差别。

ELIVAC ELIVAC Company Ltd. -
- No.155-1 YingXiu Road Qingpu, District, Shanghai 201799

email, Tel.

ELIVAC is an American Brand dedicated to vacuum acquirement and other hydro-mechanic equipment. ELIVAC Company Ltd., a company specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of vacuum and hydro-mechanical equipment, is licensed to manage the ELIVAC brand in China. The company is formed by a group of elites who used to work for many well-known manufacturers or research institutes in Europe, United States and China in the related fields. These elites have many years of experiences in R&D, manufacturing engineering, quality control, supply chain management, production control, shop supervision, sales and marketing, and service of vacuum pumps, blowers and related systems.
products:   root booster pumps

We offer a wide range of custom made root booster pumps with all options best fit to specific applications. We also offer two stage liquid ring pumps, piston vacuum pumps, dry screw vacuum pumps with variable pitch and scroll vacuum pumps, etc.
We integrate all type of vacuum systems for customer applications. We source important components global wise and commit to customers with competitive quality, delivery and price.

Zhangqiu Fengyuan Machinery Vacuum Blowers Zhangqiu Fengyuan Machinery Co., Ltd -
- 250200 Jinan, China

Carol Wang, email, Tel. 0531-83317677

Production and sales of FSR roots blower, FRR roots blower and L-type series of roots blower, for four major series, more than 70 kinds of products.
We adopt CNC machine center precision to manufacture all of our products. The company occupies an area of 35000m2, and owns over thirty technical personnel and fixed assets more than 38 million Yuan. The company was founded in 1995, which has rich manufacture technology and experience of more than ten years and has established perfect management system and passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate.
products:   Roots blowers

three lobes roots blower, high pressure roots blower, vacuum pump, rotary lobe blower, L-type roots blower

They are widely used in environmental protection, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, electricity, flour, aquaculture and other fields.

Zhangqiu Oasis Machinery Zhangqiu Oasis Machinery CO., Ltd -
- Industrial Zone, Xianggong Town, Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China 250203

Miss Youlanda(Trade Manager), email, Tel. +86 576-865 3588
Alice LV, email, Tel. +086-13287743979

Our company specializes in the production of three-lobe-root blower.
products:   Roots Vacuum Pumps

Roots Blowers, Water Treatment, Pneumatic Conveying, Automatic Aerator

Taizhou Roots vacuum pump Taizhou Xingguang Vacuum Pumps Manufacturing Co., Ltd - Dongshan Industry Zone, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, 318 000 Zhejiang, China

Liang Ji, Tel. +86 576-865 3588
products:   Roots vacuum pumps from 30 to 2500 l/s

0.75 - 18.5 KW, ultimate pressure 5×10-2

The series ZJY roots vacuum pump is with overflow valve: A gravity valve installed between the suction and exhaust part of the pump opens automatically when the pressure difference is over the weight of the valve, keeping the pressure difference always at a fixed controllable value. This value is the allowable highest pressure difference to ensure the pump work normally. The roots vacuum pump with overflow valve is a kind of overload self-protective pump.
other products:
rotary piston vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, vacuum systems.

Zhang Gu roots vacuum pump ZHANG GU -
- 141 Mingshui Street, 250 200 Zhangqiu City, Shandong province, China

email, Tel +86-531-3250080
products:   Roots blowers and centrifugal blowers

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