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Greatech Roots Blowers Greatech Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd -
- No. 48, Jhongjheng 1 Str., Yongkang City, Tainan County 710, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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Tri. Lobe Roots Blower Roots Blower
Bore Size: 25mm - 350mm (1" - 14")
Air Capacity: 0.1 -260 m3/min - Suction pressure: up to -5000 mmAq

Silent and High Efficiency Type Roots Blower
Bore Size: 25mm - 150mm
Air Capacity: 0.1 - 30 m3/min - Suction Pressure: up to -5000 mmAq

Kingood roots blowers KINGOOD Roots Blower -
- NO.414 ,Sheau Shin Yug, Shann Huah, Tainan, 741, Taiwan

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We are a leading manufacturer of Roots Blower in Taiwan since 1990, manufacturing Submersible type Roots Blower (GWB), Re-circulated & Cooling Vertical type Roots Blower (GTB), Suction Milk Pump (VTB) and Belt type Roots Blowers for over 18 years.
We have our own patents for above products in Taiwan and received CE mark approval, ISO 9001, SGS / UKAS certificates.
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Vacuum type Roots Blower Type VRS
Bore Size: 0.75" to 12 " (22~300A)
Air Capacity: 0.2 to 191.3 m3/min
Suction pressure: -5000 mmAq (-49kPa)
Motor Power: 0.5 to 150Hp (0.75 to 112.5Kw)

LONGTECH Roots vacuum blowers Longtech machinery Industry Co.,Ltd. -
NO.23, Lane 470, Nanshan Road, SEC. 2, Luchu, Hsiang, Taoyan Hsien, Taiwan

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Longtech machinery Industry Co.,Ltd., founded in 1982, is a leading manufacturer of Roots Blower & Vacuum Pump
products:   Roots vacuum pumps

Three lobes Roots Blowers and Vacuum blowers
Vacuum range: 0 to -5000 mmAq
Air volume range: 0 to 140 m3/min

Trundean Machinery Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd -
No. 101 Land 861, Fu-Kuo Rd., Taoyaun, Taiwan

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Trundean Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1982. Due to market requirements and business expansion we moved to a new factory at the present location in 2001. Trundean insists on pursuing the goals of high quality and the absorption of advanced ideas from abroad each passing day so as to build the perfect company. Trundean dedicates itself toward maintaining the ideals of customers, quality and service first.
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Specializing in the manufacturing of blowers, wide varieties of products and special order with specific designs
from Model THV-50: 2" flanges, 2.8 m3/mn, 5 HP
up to Model THV-300A: 12", 120 m3/mn, 150 HP
Submersible Roots Blower, Vertical Roots Blower (Pressure Conveyance),

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