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Angstrom Sciences Angstrom Sciences, Inc. -
- 40 South Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110, USA

email:, Tel. +1 412-469-8466

Angstrom Sciences' European office provides consultative services, sales advice, and technical support on the company's high performance magnetron sputter sources for a wide variety of thin film sputter applications. Angstrom Sciences is headquartered out of it 18,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania, USA.
products:   magnetron sputter sources

Circular Magnetrons: 1"-16" diameters
Linear Magnetrons: 1"-16" widths, up to 13ft in length
Rotary Magnetrons: 4", 6", 6.75", 8", 9.25", 10", 12", 16" diameters
Cylindrical Magnetrons: 3"-6" diameters
Custom Magnetrons and Cluster Assemblies
Magnet Retrofits for BOC, MRC, CVC, Leybold, Perkin Elmer, and Cylindrical Assemblies and other manufacturers' designs.

Patented advancements in magnet technology and cathode design provide high target utilization and deposition rates without compromising process film uniformity. Cathode styles include direct cooled, indirect cooled, high power pulsed, high power rf, high temperature, and ultra high vacuum designs. Magnetics are optimized for high rate, high utilization, high uniformity, high magnetic, balanced, or unbalanced applications. The structural integrity of Angstrom Sciences stainless steel and OFHC copper design creates a sputter tool that stands up to the most rigorous industrial applications. All magnetrons are backed by a 2-year warranty.