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Angstrom Sciences Angstrom Sciences, Inc. - www.angstromsciences.com
- 40 South Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110, USA

email: info@angstromsciences.com, Tel. +1 412-469-8466

Angstrom Sciences is a privately held design and manufacturing facility that supplies high performance magnetron sputter sources and high purity pvd materials for a wide variety of thin film sputter application processes.
Angstrom Sciences provides a full range of PVD materials including: precious metals, pure metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets, borides, oxides, carbides, nitrides, silicides, and fluorides. Purities range from commercial grade (99.5%) to ultra high (99.9999%).
products:   Sputtering Targets

High Purity PVD Materials, Sputtering Targets, Backing Plates and Bonding Services, Conductive Products

Matsurf Technologies Matsurf Technologies Inc. - www.matsurf-tech.com
- 7204 Schey Dr, Edina, MN 55439, USA

email: info@matsurf-tech.com
products:   sputter targets

We supply high quality Ti alloy bar, plate, wire, and tube for medical and other industry application as well as customer designed targets for magnetic sputtering, cathodic arc, and evaporation with competitive price.
We are specialized at rare metal and precious metal targets (Ti, Cr, Ni, Si, Hf, Ta, Y, Zr, Ag, Au, Nb, V, Mo, W, TiAl, TiCr, CrAl, TiSi, CrAlSi, CrW) and oxide targets (ITO, NbO, ZnO).
We also provide material characterization techniques and failure analysis to solve issues in the development, manufacturing, and application of your products.

International Advanced Materials - high purity evaporation materials and sputtering targets International Advanced Materials - www.iamaterials.com
- 2 North Cole Avenue, Spring Valley, NY 10977, USA

email: sales@iamaterials.com, Tel. +1 (845) 352-5800

Founded in 1978, IAM has been serving the thin film coating industry for over 30 years.
Since it's incorporation, International Advanced Materials (IAM) has been a privately owned, family operated business serving the electronic, optical, and aerospace industries. Our staff of engineers are some of the most knowledgeable men and women in the field of thin film evaporation.
products:   Crucible liners, Evaporation materials

International Advanced Materials specializes in electron beam evaporation. IAM fabricates the most complete line of spare parts and standard crucible inserts for electron beam evaporation. Crucible inserts simplify the process of exchanging evaporation material, reduces handling contamination and keeps the electron beam gun hearth cleaner. Many of IAMís crucibles are specifically designed to increase the evaporation rate, and prevent wetting or alloying with hearth or insert. IAMís engineers are available for consultation on all evaporation techniques and procedures.

HIMET vapor deposition HIMET - www.himet-materials.com
- 17485 Monterey Road, Suite 302, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

email: sales@himet-materials.com, Tel. +1 (408)466-6469

Lowest cost supplier of high purity Electron beam and thermal evaporation materials.
products:   Sputter targets

We supply round and custom sputter targets, fabricate backing plates and provide target bonding service at a very nominal cost.
Wide variety of materials ready to ship.
- High purity Metal pellets, Metal oxide, Magnesium Fluoride, Zinc sulfide pieces and granules.
- 2in to 8in round sputter targets with high density and purity.
- Copper backing plates, Target Bonding services, PVD evaporation materials, Electron Beam evaporation materials, Thermal evaporation materials.

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