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products:   Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers

Exhaust system for fluorescent lamp, CCFL, EFL Gas supply valve and exhaust system
Vacuum, exhaust stystem, CCFL, EFL pumping valve, PDP head pumping valve, Research and develoment

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TK-FUJIKIN has been supplied valves, regulators, gas filters, gas sticks and IGS (Integrated Gas System) of the gas panel through localization of UHP fittings in Semiconductor and FPD applications, which all components had been relied on imported products so far, and also, has well-known company as specializing in parts, that has been recognized as the most vulnerable industry in Korea.
products:   Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers

A mass flow controller (MFC) is a device used to measure and control the flow of fluid and gases.
MFC is designed and calibrated to control a specific type of fluid or gas at a particular range of flow rates.
The MFC can be given a setpoint from 0 to 100 % of its full scale range with the type of analogue and digital.
Major applications of MFC is used for gas distribution system in semiconductor, R&D, LAB, research center, and University where a constant and stable flow is required together with CE Mark.     Keywords