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mikrouna Beijing Mikrouna Mech. Tech. Co., Limited -
- A-6B Haitong Building,C3 Nanlishi Rd., Xicheng District, Beijing 100037 P.R.China,

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Mikrouna's 60 engineers apply their expertise in a number of disciplines including mechanical, electronic, chemical, Physics, welding, instrument, vacuum technology, hydrodynamic, energetic, optical_electronic and materials engineering. Mikrouna's products include Super Purified Glove-box, Vacuum Deposition System, HID Lighting Production Line, Auto Xenon HID Headlight, CeramicDischarge Metal Halide Lamp (CDM), and matched Electronic Ballast, etc.
products:   Glovebox

Glovebox for a confined circle design, operating cost savings, under standard conditions, that is 20°C temperature, a standard atmospheric pressure, 99.999 percent of the inert gas source, the water of oxygen indicators were less than 1 ppm.

Box size of the transition module and the use of 304 stainless steel plate, before the window for the glass, wearable anti-corrosion.

PLC control touch screen, a high degree of automation can be achieved: the content of box's gas pressure control, the content of box's atmosphere of self_cleaning, purifying materials automatically renewable, the system automatically record data, such as running operation.

Users can according to actual demand in the standard glove boxes, matching accessories: water analyzers, oxygen analyzer, solvent adsorption, refrigerators, high_temperature heating device, laser welding machine, and so on.

YlK Changsha Yonglekang Equipment YlK Changsha Yonglekang Equipment Co., Ltd -
- Room 402A, Building8#, Xiangshuyuan, 8# Lutian Road, Lugu Base, Changsha, High-tech District, Changsha, Hunan, China

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Changsha Yonglekang Equipment Co., ltd is specialized in various laboratory equipments for environment protection, TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure), superfine powder grinding and vacuum inert operation. As one of the Chinese National Innovation
Fund Support Enterprises, we insist on self-innovation and have successfully broken up the foreign companies monopoly in China by inventing varies equipments, such as Rotary Agitator, Zero Head Space Extractor, Planetary Ball Mill Machine, Graphite Hot Plate, Glove Box, etc.
With long-term research, we finally owned 2 patents and 45 utility models.
products:   Lab Vacuum Glove Box

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