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products:   vacuum pneumatic equipments and vacuum parts

Vacuum ejector - 基本型真空发生器
Vacuum Pump - 多级真空发生器
Vacuum Filter - 真空过滤器
Vacuum Pad - 真空吸盘
Cylinder - 气缸
Directional Control Valves - 阀


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Vacuum lifter manufacturers since 2006
products:   vacuum lifting equipment

different models of plate vacuum lifter, mini vacuum lifter, stone vacuum lifter, glass vacuum lifter, coil vacuum lifter, vacuum tube lifter,vacuum pipe lifter,Material Handling Vacuum Elevator, assist manipulator-easy arm, vacuum robot and other Non-standard vacuum lifter.
To perfect the product range and improve the competitive strength of our company in the market, we also offer jib cranes and electric hoists. Our vacuum lifting equipment are used widely in food production, and the steel, tobacco, chemical, electronic, automobile, paper making, and stone manufacturing industries.

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