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billi Mechanical gland packings billi dichtungstechnik gmbh
- Nelkenweg 8a, 86641 Rain am Lech, Germany

Herr Andrea A. L. Billi, Geschäftsführer, Tel. +49 9090-70588-0
products: Mechanical gland packings

Mechanical gland packings provide a traditional, simple and cost effective way to seal pump shafts and valve stems. Development in fibres, lubricants and braiding technology have been combined to improve the performance of packings and enable suitable types to be utilized as variable alternatives to mechanical shaft seals in many applications. By selecting the appropriate gland packing and with correct installation, gland packings provide a controlled sealing solution, minimising equipment wear, down-time and running costs.

John Crane -
- Slough, UK

email, Tel. +44-1753-224000

John Crane is part of Smiths Group, a global technology business. John Crane designs and manufactures seals and associated products mainly for the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper and mining sectors.
products: High-Temperature Graphite Braided Packings
  • John Crane styles 1625G, 1626, 1635G, and N1635 are the ultimate in packing, offering the ability to perform in both high temperatures and a full range of chemical services.
  • Constructed of the highestquality, continuous filament graphite fibers, provide superior sealability and heat dissipation with minimal flush.
  • Highly lubricous, these densely braided products offer reduced process contamination and ease of start-up, installation, and adjustments. These styles feature dimensional stability, which helps to ensure even gland load distribution and promote longer packing life.



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