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Ingenieria Bernoulli Ingeniería Bernoulli S.A. -
- Eduardo Costa 1220, Acassuso, B-1641-AFP, Bs. As - Argentina

email:, Tel. +54 11 4792-0392

J.M. Pedroni & Asociados S.A. was widely known since 1965 as provider of ejectors, vacuum systems, jet devices, gas scrubbers. Ingeniería Bernoulli S.A has recently developed new equipments: agitated thin film evaporators, molecular destilators, thermal deaerators and freeze dryers, and will continue with the same commitment thanks to its broad experience and services running in compliance with ISO 9001-2008 international standards.
products: Ejectors and vacuum systems

  • Ejectors, Thermocompressors, portable pneumatic jet fans, jet blowers, exhausters, eductors, siphons, desuperheaters, superheaters, aireators

  • Equipment for the oil and fat industries, for the oil and petrochemical industries, Lecithin drying, short path distilers, sanitation equipment.

AAHANA Giffard Systems AAHANA USA -
- 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr #1000 Houston TX 77043, USA

email:, Tel. +1 351 202 0044

AAHANA Giffard Systems is a leading engineering company. With over 48 years' experience in Ejector Vacuum and Cryogenic equipment's business. We provide highly efficient & reliable solutions that meet your requirements. AAHANA Giffard systems can offer our customers true global support, thanks to our production capacity in Germany, UK, South Korea and India and rep offices around the world.
products: Ejector Vacuum systems & Cryogenic equipment's

Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum systems, Thermo compressors, Air Ejector Hybrid Vacuum Systems, Hogger Ejectors, Steam Jet Liquid Heaters, Turbine Extraction systems, Gland Steam Condensers, Surface Condensers, Dump Steam Condensers, Turbine Condensers, , Cryogenic Storage Tanks, Cryogenic Transport Tanks, Ambient Vaporizer, LNG Satellite station, Regasification systems, Gas skids etc.



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