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Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha -
- 1, Toko-Taichi, Seki City, Gifu 501-3939, Japan

email, Tel. +81 (575) 23-1121

Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha has a long history since 1560. Incorporated in 1940 as a modern manufacturer, it offers uniquely designed machine components with NBK brand to worldwide customers.
NBK develops, manufactures, and sells Miniature Couplings, Special Screws and Machine Elements. NBK products are used in advanced industries, such as manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, robotics, machine tools and medical devices.
products: Vacuum Application Screws
  • with Hexagon Socket (with Ventilation Hole)
  • Phillips Cross Recessed (with Ventilation Hole)
  • Hexagon Head Bolts (with Ventilation Hole)
  • Hexagon Post (with Ventilation Hole)
  • Head Protection
  • Washer (with Ventilation Groove)
  • Fixed / Positioning (with Ventilation Hole)








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