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Vacs SEV manufactures nickel, copper gaskets and taper seals for high and ultra- high vacuum systems. These products are available from Vacs SEV only.
products: Copper Gaskets for high and ultra- high vacuum
  • Aluminium Gaskets for Aluminium-Alloy CF Flanges
  • Aluminium gaskets made of A1050P material are suitable for aluminium-alloy flanges
  • Nickel Gaskets for CF Type Flanges (Nickel 201)
  • The ICN series is SEV's newly developed nickel gasket for CF-type flanges
  • SEV machined nickel plate in a proprietary configuration, then added an optimized thermal treatment to produce a nickel gasket with superior sealing ability (U.S. Patented)
  • Taper-Sealing Type OFHC Gaskets for CF Type Flanges
  • Taper-Sealing gasket is improved type gasket which has full compatibility with the CF type flanges as it seals on 20 degree tapers of the flange






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