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Hefei Anze welded bellows Hefei Anze welded bellows Co., Ltd
- 669 West Changjiang Road, Hefei, No. F-10, China

Tel. +86 551 -53,245
products: vacuum bellows

APS Zhejiang Vacuum Bellow APS Zhejiang Vacuum Bellow CO., Ltd
- Zhejiang, 300000 China

Alice Guo, sales manager, email, Tel.
products: vacuum bellows

CTA Bellows CTA Bellows
- Lan Tian Industrial District, Economical Development Zone, Donggang City, Liaoning Province, China

email, Tel. +86-415-7142301

CTA Bellows specialized in production research and develop, manufacture and sale of Metal Bellows Expansion Joints, Metal Hose, Non-metallic Compensator, Temperature Controller, Instrument and Meter Bellows, and etc.
The annual production is above 50,000,000. And there are 298 staffs in our company. 45 persons have college degree or above. 28 persons have the senior and medium titles.
products: precision bellows

CTA Bellows is the largest manufacturer of precision bellows in the North part of China.
We are designing and manufacturing brass, tin-phosphor bronze, all 300 series stainless steel and some type high temperature resist stainless steel in material.
All finished products must be tested by visual test, tightness test, spring rate test and fatigue test after twenties processes.
Our precision bellows have been sent all around of China in more than twenties oversea countries with good reputation.

Maisun Metal Bellows Jiangyin Maisun Metal Work Co., Ltd
- Kaijin Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

Elliot Yang, email, Tel. +86-510-80282066

Jiangyin Maisun Metal Work CO., LTD is the manufacturer of stainless steel copper, aluminium, alloy and carbon steel etc. Today it has two factories producing corrugated pipe, expansion joints, flexible hose and braid, and also matching work, punch work stainless steel pipe of small diameter and all kinds of finish maching hardware. We are long experienced in producing metalwork and managing follow process, have capacity of exploituring products, and service timely and effectively.
products: Metal Bellows

Vacuum Equipment Hefei Ning Tai Hefei Ning Tai Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd
- Cross of Jingsan Road and Wei D Road, Yaohai Industrial District, Hefei, China 230 011

Dong Jin, Tel. +86 551 4455 708
products: crystal furnace bellows, furnace bellows, vacum valves

Shenyang Shengdong Bellows Shenyang ShengDong Bellows Co., Ltd
- 109 MeiGui Street, Sujiatun Distrct, Shenyang 110101, China

Aimee Xuxin, email, Tel. +86-24-89816111

Shenyang Shengdong Bellows Manufacture Co., Ltd (SDB) has a long history in China, in manufacturing flexible metal pipes, metal bellows, flexible hydraulic metal hose, high pressure stainless steel hose, expansion joints, and other special elastic and sealing accessories. These products are extensively used in such industries as instrument and applances, oil field, chemistry, thermo engineering, astronomy, shipping, nuclear power plant, etc. In recent years, due to extensive use of quality metallic alloy and stainless steel, the products we manufactured made a head way in international market for its excellent quality and relatively cheap.
products: Metal Bellows
  • The range of metal bellows and expansion joints includes gingle - wall and multiple - wall designs with widely differing bellows geometries.
  • The metal bellows are produced from all metals that can beformed, and are available from wall thickness of 0. 1mm and above, The most modern forming, welding and connection techniques are available and guarantee a flexible long - life and maintenance - free products able to resist high pressure and temperature variations.

Seal Tech Welded Bellows Seal Tech Welded Bellows(Liaoning) Co., Ltd
- NO.139 Jinniushan Street,Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Park, Laobian District, YingKou, Liaoning, China 115000

email, Tel. +86-417-3350003

Seal Tech was founded in 2003,it is a China & Korea Joint Venture enterprise
products: Welded Bellows

Seal Tech has successfully developed welded bellows used for synchrotron radiation accelerators and particle accelerators.

TRISUN welded bellows Trisun , Ltd
- Room 05-06, 16th Floor, Hongjia Building, No. 388 Fushan Rd.,
Pudong, Shanghai, China 200122

email, Tel. +86-21-58355541
products: Welded Metal Bellows

widely used in vacuum equipments, synchrotron light source, gauge instruments, and general industries.

Ocean Vacuum Technology Beijing Zhen Ocean Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd
- Beijing Changping District, Town Machi white floating village,

Dong Jin, Tel. +86 010 60775966
products: vacuum bellows

Wesson Bellowtek Wesson Bellowtek
#7-1-602, No.6, 10th Street, Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area, China

Alice Guo, Sales Manager, email, Tel.

Wesson Bellowtek is China manufacturer of metal bellows and assemblies with Japan technical background, dedicated to supplying bellows components and accessories, including customized forming and welding bellows, vacuum components. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the production of precision forming and welding metal bellows, ISO9000 and AS9100 certifications, our company have been selected to produce products for worldwide customer, Bellowtek can offer exceptional quality and performance at a competitive price.
products: metal bellows and assemblies
  • Our ability allows us to provide bellows in most weldable materials including the 300 Series SST's, AM-350 SST, Inconels, Monels, Hastelloys, etc. The high quality steel allow our product can meet the demands of harshest environments with good corrosion resistance, life expectancy, and non-magnetic.
  • We are a vital and flexible manufacturer, custom sample will be available, as per drawing and specifications or sample, we offer competitive price and without quantity limited.

Welding Technology Bellows Welding Technology Co., Ltd. Anhui Wei Mai
- Bengbu, Anhui Province, Hefei, New Industrial Park Road, Three Yuan

email, Tel. +86 551 6332555
products: metal bellows

- No.138 Jinniushan Street, Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Park, YingKou 115000, China

email, Tel. +86 417-3350001

Yingkou Seal Tech Welded Bellows Co., Ltd. is a branch of Korean Hilton Joint-Stock Company in China. In June, 2003, advanced welding equipments and technology were introduced into Liaoning China, and Yingkou Seal Tech Welded Bellows Co., Ltd. was founded, which incorporates both product design and development. The company is equipped with advanced numerical control lathes, numerical control milling machines, and introduce high-precision automatic welding machines, laser welding machines and plasma welding machines from Korea, and also imported Korean punching equipments.
products: welded bellows



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