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Mewasa Diaphragm bellows MEWASA AG -
- Straubstrasse 11, 7323 Wangs, Schweiz

email:, Tel. +41 81 720 48 80

MEWASA offers In-House Application Design & Engineering Services to support our customers engineering needs.
products: Diaphragm bellows and vacuum components

Complete manufacturing for vacuum components, high vacuum and UHV, including:
  • Diaphragm bellows micro-plasma welded with customized end pieces including CF Flanges, Wire Seal Flanges, KF Flanges, ISO Flanges, Adapters and Couplings
  • Diaphragm bellows with locating bars for precise positioning / orientation, Power Feedthroughs, Instrumentation Feedthroughs, Gas /Liquid Feedthrough
  • Diaphragm bellows for larger strokes, with round diamaters, race track, oval and eliptical shapes
  • Diaphragm bellows for mechanical seals, for compensators and valves

COMVAT Welded bellows COMVAT AG -
- Scharastrasse 1, 9469 Haag, Schweiz

Markus Spanbalch, email:, Tel. +41 81 771 60 62

COMVAT offers products and services in which the welded bellows is the focus of the problem solution ; a pure vacuum application does not always have to be involved.
We focus on using our core competencies of stamping and welding very thin sheet panels, connecting and preparing final seams, as well as process-capable measuring of helium imperviousness.
products: Welded bellows

COMVAT is European leader in the production of welded bellows and especially in process automation.
The entire welded bellows production system is located in a cleanroom ISO class 8. The high degree of automation of the laser welding machines is ideal for the production of large batches. The manual workstations equipped with micro-plasmas or lasers enable a cost-efficient production of individual items and small series.

We are also capable of making customized bellows end pieces quickly and flexibly in our own mechanical production facility. Our customized bellows are used in various applications in the semiconductor industry, in medical technology, in the field of research, in the aerospace industry, for general industry applications as well as in the automotive industry and meet the highest requirements in terms of cleanliness, durability and impermeability.



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