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Продукция:   Leak detection

Portable helium leak detector. Halogen leak detector. Mass-spectrometer leak detector. Pressure leak detector. Vacuum valves. Gas mixture preparation system. Helium recovery system.

  Leak detection services:

Staff training and professional development. Design and installation of pumping systems. Vacuum chambers development. Science research.

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MKS Instruments is a leading worldwide provider of instruments, components, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, control, power and monitor critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing, thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass and electro-optical products, biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
products:   leak detectors

PICO® Leak Detectors
PICO® Vacuum Helium Leak Detector: An inboard Helium leak detector for vacuum systems, with removable display.
PICO® Sniffing Helium Leak Detector: Outboard, battery-operated, Helium leak detector for sniffing applications.

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Izmerit is currently the sole producer of helium and halogen leak detectors in Russia.
Zavod Izmerit products has received well-deserved endorsement by Russian specialists and is recommended for use in the most critical industries. Our customers are Russia's space and aviation agency, the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy, RAO UES, a wide range of academic institutions, the Ministry of Industry, the shipbuilding industry, cryogenics and other industries using high technology.
products:   helium mass spectrometer leak detectors

TI1-22 (GELMASS) - Helium mass-spectrometric leak detector
TI1-30 fully automatic helium mass-spectrometric leak detector     Keywords