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Agilent Agilent Technologies UK Ltd. -
- 6 Mead Road, Oxford Industrial Park, Yarnton, Oxford OX5 1QU, United Kingdom

email:, Tel. +44 1865 291570

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (VPD), formerly Varian Vacuum, is a global supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.
products: Leak detection
  • Agilent's range of leak detection solutions ensure the safety, security and consistent performance of research, vacuum, and industrial process systems.
  • HLD Leak Detectors are rugged, precise, and easy-to-use instruments that accurately and efficiently detect leaks in an array of industrial applications.
  • For clean research applications, HLD configurations employ clean, dry, quiet scroll vacuum pumps. Our leak detectors feature automated start-up and calibration for maximum productivity, built in application set-ups, and an array of accessories to make any leak detection process simple.

- Hackhurst lane ind est, BN274BW Hailsham, United Kingdom

David Percival, email:, Tel. +44 (0)1323 442 035

H.T. Products is a specialist in the detection of leaks in plant and components both in the vacuum and over pressure mode.
As an independent company, we can specify the most suitable leak detector for your application. We can provide training in vacuum technology and leak detection.
products: Leak detectors

We can supply leak detectors from hand held 'Sniffer' unit to a Helium Mass Spectrometer type leak detector together with associated test apparatus.
We are a manufacturer of Calibrated Reference Leaks for the Calibration of all types of leak detector and to establish the integrity of leak test systems.
We offer a Recalibration service with a traceability to National Standards.
We offer a Leak Detection service using Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors for vacuum and over pressure tests.
We can provide complete leak test equipment to meet your test specification including vacuum and viscous flow 'Sniffer' probes.

Furness Controls Furness Controls Limited
- Beeching Road, Bexhill on sea, East Sussex TN39 3LJ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products: Leak detection equipment - Solving your leak detection problems.

Components and assemblies ranging from Automotive Radiators, Gas Appliances, Valves, Medical Devices and Vacuum Cleaners must be tested as fit for purpose during manufacture - Furness Controls can provide the right test solution for leakage, flow rate, blockage etc.

Vacuum Engineering Services - Helium leak testing Vacuum Engineering Services Ltd.
- St. Modwen Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0ZE, United Kingdom

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Vacuum Engineering is a specialist company offering leak test solutions for industry based in Manchester UK.
Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd the company offers unrivalled expertise in helium leak testing, having manufactured more than 250 helium leak test machines which are in use worldwide.
products: Helium leak testing

Leak test machines used for guaranteeing leak tightness to very high sensitivities and are utilized in a wide range of industries from Automotive to the Nuclear Industry and usually employed on production lines in 24/7 operation where reliability is essential.
In addition Vacuum Engineering uses its 20 year expertise in designing and manufacturing vacuum system to provide bespoke vacuum systems for a wide range of applications from thin film coating, central vacuum systems, to vacuum drying.

Vaseco leak detection Vaseco Limited
- Bromley House, Barlow Drive, Woodford Park, Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 2JZ, United Kingdom

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Vaseco is one of the most respected companies within the leak detection, vacuum and pressure industries, with over 25 years experience.
We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of vacuum, pressure, leak detection, environmental testing and residual gas analysis equipment.
We have invested heavily in our future with the construction of a modern, purpose designed building, on a 1.6 acre site in the heart of Cheshire. These state-of-the-art premises provide the perfect environment for innovation, keeping us at the forefront of technology.
A highly skilled workforce and advanced management methods ensure that our services live up to the highest international standards of quality, and we are certified to ISO9001 and ISO17025 standards.
products: Leak detectors
  • Residual Gas Analysers
  • Drypumps, Mechanical Pumps
  • Custom Built Systems, Vacuum Components and Pumping Fluids, Spares



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