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Pfeiffer Vacuum Turbomolecular Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. - www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com
- 24 Trafalgar Square, Nashua NH 03063-1988, USA

email: info@pfeiffer-vacuum.de, Tel. +1 (800) 248-8254

Pfeiffer Vacuum is a vacuum technology world leader for more than 120 years: an important milestone was the invention of the turbopump in our company more than 50 years ago.
Our comprehensive range of solutions, products and services includes vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment, up to complex vacuum systems.
products: Turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Agilent TwisTorr Agilent Technologies, Vacuum Products Division - www.agilent.com
- 121 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, MA 02421, USA

email: vpl-customercare@agilent.com, Toll-Free: +1 800 882 7426, Tel. +1 781 861 7200

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (VPD), formerly Varian Vacuum, is a global supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.
products: Turbomolecular Pumps

Agilent Turbomolecular Pumps are designed for reliability and optimum performance in the most demanding research, industrial and analytical applications.

The Agilent TwisTorr Family, including 84, 304, 404, 704 and 804 FS pumps, is our most recent innovative high-vacuum pump platform. The platform combines TwisTorr drag stage technology and Agilent Floating Suspension. TwisTorr drag stages create high compression ratios for light gases such as hydrogen and helium and deliver high throughput and high foreline pressure tolerance, letting you use smaller and more economical backing pumps. The Agilent Floating Suspension system reduces noise and vibration, ensuring optimal bearing operating conditions to minimize system downtime and safeguard stability.

Busch Semiconductor Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Group Inc.
- 18430 Sutter Blvd., Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

email, Tel.

Since the foundation of Busch in 1963 by the present owners, Dr. Karl Busch and his wife, Ayhan Busch, company policy has been customer orientated thinking, supply of high quality and competitively priced products and excellent technical and service back up. By the year 2001, Busch has grown to 1600 employees and contributes to the worldwide success of its customers with 37 companies in 27 countries.
products: Molecular Vacuum Pumps
  • Turbomolecular Pumps: 50 - 3300 L/s, 10-8 Pa
  • completely dry compression, maintenance-free, magnetic levitation bearing, range of product variants

Drivac DRIVAC, Inc.
- 1466 Sugar Bottom Road, Furlong, PA 18925, USA

Dave Hoke, email, Tel.
products: Molecular Drag Pump Packages

These heavy duty oil-free packages provide fast evacuation to the 10-5 Torr range.
They are ideal for the following applications:
  • Roughing ion pumped systems
  • Backing turbomolecular pumps
  • Roughing cryopumped systems
  • Pumping out dewers

EBARA Turbomolecular Pumps EBARA Technologies, Inc.
- 51 Main Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838, USA

email, Tel.

EBARA Technologies, Incorporated (ETI) founded in 1990, is an American subsidiary of the Precision Machinery Group of EBARA CORPORATION, a world leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and advanced technology products for clean environments.
products: EBARA Turbo Molecular Pumps

ET Series, offers full magnetic levitation, while providing clean, reliable vacuum for today's high technology environments. The ET Series features a five axis active magnetic bearing system and tuning free half rack controllers.
Models range from 300 - 3300 I/S pumping speed, which have large allowable backpressure sand corrosion resistant materials that provide superior durability to all reactive gasses. Pump and controllers have interchangeability for the same models. Easy monitoring by liquid crystal displays (LCDs) show running conditions, operation hours, rotation speed and operating status (alarm trips).

FMG FMG Enterprises Inc.
- 1125 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

email, Tel.

Founded in 1985 consistently provide the semiconductor industry with the highest level of service and vacuum pump rebuilds and repairs.
products: Turbo & Cryo Pump Experts
  • FMG specializes in Turbomolecular and Cryogenic pumps that are rebuilt for customers worldwide.
  • FMG's Turbo pumps are rebuilt utilizing specialized cleaning equipment and a testing and balancing system housed within an on-site clean room.

Ideal Vacuum Products Ideal Vacuum Products, LLC
- 2401B Phoenix Ave Ne, Albuquerque, NM 87107, USA

email, Tel.

Our extensive vacuum product range includes pumps, fittings, supplies, gauges, parts, repair kits, and repair services. We stock many of the items we sell, including new vacuum pumps, fittings, gauges, hardware, parts, and supplies. We also offer rebuilt vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges for cost effective spares or use where operating budgets are limited.
products: Rebuilt vacuum pumps
  • New Turbo Controllers
  • New Turbo Pump Package Deals
  • New Turbo Pumps
  • New Turbo Pump Systems

  • Rebuilt Controllers
  • Rebuilt Turbo Pumps
  • Rebuilt Turbo Systems
  • Turbo Pump Accessories

Janis Research Janis Research Co. Inc.
- 2 Jewel Drive, Wilmington MA 01887-0696, USA

email, Tel.

Since 1961 Janis Research Company has been providing the scientific and technical community with the highest-quality cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications. Over the years, our family of customers has grown to include some of the world's largest corporations and best-known research centers and institutions.
products: Turbomolecular pumping stations

Turbomolecular pumping stations provide a convenient means for evacuating laboratory cryostats and transfer lines to high vacuum levels. Turbopump stations include a turbopump controller, roughing/backing pump, vacuum gauging, as well as a five foot long flexible pumping line, and valves. The turbopump module utilizes low maintenance ceramic bearings while the mechanical pump includes vibration absorbing mounting. The entire pumping system is mounted on casters for easy movement throughout the laboratory. Two standard configurations are described below. Custom configurations can include larger pump capacities, different gauging, and various inlet flanges.

- 1820 W. Drake Dr., Suite 106, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA

email, Tel.

- More than 25 years of combined experience in the Ultra High Vacuum Pump Repair and Service Industry.
- Certified in Turbine High Speed Balance and Vibration Analysis.
- Factory trained in Magnetic Levitation Tuning and Calibration.
- Failure diagnostic on array of turbo molecular pumping modules and applications.
products: turbo pump repair and servicing
  • Standard Service, Major Service, Equipment Sales
  • Test and Evaluation, Failure Analysis Report, Balancing

Turbo Vacuum Turbo Vacuum
- 1021 E Robinson St, Suite A, Orlando, FL 32801, USA

email, Tel.
products: Turbo pump products and services
  • Turbo Vacuum offers a complete range of cutting edge turbo pump products and services.
  • We know the challenges of high/ultra-high vacuum technology and how to reach performance expectations to meet or surpass any application requirement.
  • Our niche industry experience, driven by understanding the application, analyzing the constraints, and specifying the client's needs has given us the unique ability to solve and restore any problem.



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