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Graham vacuum ejectors GRAHAM Corporation -
- 20 Florence Avenue, Batavia NY 14020, USA

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Graham Corporation is engaged in the design and manufacture of vacuum and heat transfer equipment, primarily custom built. It consists of two segments: one operated by the Company in the United States, which supplies steam jet ejector vacuum systems, surface condensers for steam turbines, liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors, dry pumps and various types of heat exchangers, such as Heliflow and plate and frame exchangers and one operated by its indirectly wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Graham Precision Pumps Limited (GPPL), which manufactures liquid-ring vacuum pumps, rotary piston pumps, oil sealed rotary vane pumps, atmospheric air-operated ejectors and vacuum pump systems that are factory assembled with self-supporting structure. Products are available in all metals and in non-metallic and corrosion-resistant materials.

Graham is a provider of products and services to the power generating industry with its surface condensers for turbine-generator service, steam jet ejector and liquid ring pump systems for condenser exhauster applications and heat exchangers for various services. Waste to energy (including landfill methane to energy), cogeneration, nuclear, geothermal, combined heat and power and combined cycle power generating facilities require our products.

NASH condenser exhauster packages for power plant Gardner Denver Nash -
- 9 Trefoil Drive, CT 06611-1330 Trumbull, USA

Tel. +1 (203) 459 3900
products: condenser exhauster packages

Nash self-contained condenser exhauster packages in steam cycle plants efficiently remove inward air leakage from the condenser. The effect is to provide lower turbine backpressure, improve heat rates, and reduce generating costs. The packages consist of a two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump, air-liquid discharge separator, heat exchanger and associated controls.
The popular NASH AT two stage vacuum pumps have been providing reliable high vacuum perfomance in the power industry for over 25 years. With four models ranging from 500 - 2500 CFM and vacuum levels as low as 1" Hga, the AT's are ian deal choice when you a rugged and long lasting machine to handle your staurated process gases.

Q-VAC Vacuum Priming Systems COMBINED FLUID PRODUCTS COMPANY - www.vacuumprimingsystems.com
- 805 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, USA

email, Tel. +1 (847) 540-0054
products: priming systems

Q-VAC Vacuum Priming Systems are a complete line of high quality vacuum priming systems for the municipal, industrial, agricultural, marine, and power industries. Each system is furnished as a fully tested and complete package.
Standard and custom engineered designs are offered with automatic or manual controls. Q-VAC Priming systems are available in simplex and duplex designs using rotary vane, liquid ring, or WOB-L piston vacuum technologies.


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