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Born in Forrest Shook's Flint, Mich. garage in 1971, NLB Corp. today is a global innovator recognized around the world as the leader in water jet productivity.
NLB designs and manufactures the industry?ís most comprehensive line of pump units and accessories (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar), helping contractors and industrial customers do all sorts of projects faster. Some of the most common are product removal, surface preparation, pavement marking and rubber removal, tube and pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, tube bundle cleaning, concrete hydrodemolition, and pipe cutting.
products:   Vacuum recovery

Vacuum recovery of debris and water lets you respect the environment while enhancing safety and productivity. NLB offers several vacuum systems with capacities and degrees of mobility to suit your needs.

This equipment is most commonly used with our HydroPrep surface preparation systems and STARJET pavement marking removal systems, but has also proven itself in other applications.

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