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Transvac vacuum ejector in most corrosion resistant materials Transvac Systems Ltd.
- Bramble Way, Alfreton, DE55 4RH, United Kingdom

David Ainge, email,

Transvac has designed and manufactured steam ejectors systems for over 30 years, Transvac also offers a consultancy / maintenance / training service for steam ejector vacuum systems.
products: ceramic vacuum pumps
  • Transvac is a specialist supplier of custom designed single stage and multi-stage corrosion resistant steam ejector systems.
  • We offer contact parts in most corrosion resistant materials including graphite, PTFE, PFA, hastelloy, titanium, ceramic etc.
  • Transvac ejector systems can be fully packaged complete with direct or indirect contact condensers for low level or barometric operation.
  • Liquid jet vacuum systems are available which simultaneously scrub entrained gases.



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