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EBARA EBARA - www.ebara.co.jp
- 11-1, Haneda Asahi-cho, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-8510, Japan

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EBARA's rapidly growing Precision Machinery Group creates clean environments that are crucial to the fabrication and processing of semiconductor devices. For domestic and overseas semiconductor manufacturers competing for advances in integration density and yield, the quality of production environments is directly reflected in the quality of the final products. Both from within EBARA and from outside, there is a growing need for the offerings of the Group, which actively pursues technological advances in accordance with the Corporation's environmental philosophy.
Employing ultrahigh-vacuum and ultra-clean technologies, the Precision Machinery Group works proactively to create an idea environmental for sub-micron technology in VLSI device manufacturing. The Group is making rapid progress in diverse areas, from components such as vacuum pumps and gas scrubbers to process equipment such as a chemical mechanical polisher and electroplating.
products: Dry Vacuum Pumps
  • EBARA is a world leader in the design and manufacture of "dry" mechanical pumps. EBARA dry pumps provide a host of product enhancements including increased reliability, reduced clean room particulate load, low noise, low vibration, lower operating costs, and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • EBARA's dry pumps survive the harshest applications such as LPCVD, PECVD, CVD, and meta etch. EBARA's dry pumps are used for many applications in and outside the semiconductor industry where oil backstreaming is unacceptable. Custom designs and broad product lines make an EBARA dry pump the pump of choice. EBARA offers broad product lines with many models to choose from.
  • PDV Series: Maintenance free - ideal replacement for scroll and wet pumps
  • VOS Series: Highest pumping speed to footprint ratio in the industry
  • ESR Series: Designed and manufactured to be the lowest cost of ownership pumps on the market today
  • EST Series: Engineered for application in harsh duty processes
  • ESA Series: Designed and manufactured to be the lowest cost of ownership pumps on the market today

KASHIYAMA dry vacuum pump KASHIYAMA IND., Ltd - www.kashiyama.co.jp - Japan

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products: Dry vacuum pumps
  • Dry vacuum Pump
  • Mechanical Booster Pump
  • Air Discharge System

TAIKO dry vacuum pump TAIKO Head Office
- 209-1 Simotabuse,Tabuse-cho,Kumage-gun,Yamaguchi 742-1598, Japan

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Establishment Apr. 6,1956 - Executive Officer Kenji Matsumoto/ CEO
Employees 290(as Of April 2004), Annual Sales JY 9.7 billion(Mar., 2004)
products: Dry vacuum pumps

screw type dry vacuum pump in 3 series
  • SSV series are for low vacuum service, 2 - 30 m³/mn, ultimate vacuum 10 KPa to 3 Kpa
  • MDP series are for medium vacuum, 1.3 - 45 m³/mn, ultimate vacuum 100 to 0.7 Pa
  • SLT series are for high vacuum service, 1.3 - 3.5 m³/mn, ultimate vacuum 1.3 to 0.7 Pa
  • Waste disposal (garbage transportation) - Manufacturing of organic chemical products (solvents recovery and deaeration) - Manufacturing of food products (drying, deaeration and defoaming) - Power-related industries (exhaust gas recovery) - Steelmaking-related industries (exhaust gas recovery, and N2 or O2 generation) - Manufacturing of electronics (cleaning gas recovery and drying) - Manufacturing of mechanical parts (cleaning gas recovery and drying) - Manufacturing of pulp products (exhaust gas recovery) - Manufacturing of textile products (exhaust gas recovery, drying) - Manufacturing of resin-related products (deaeration and defoaming).

TOYOTA dry vacuum pump TOYOTA Industries Corporation
- Obu Plant, SP Sales Office, Sales Dept., Compressor Division
1-1 Ebata-cho, Obu-shi, Aichi 474-8668 Japan

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Toyota Industries Corporation manufactures and sells high quality and reliable dry vacuum pumps using the technology cultivated in the development and production of car air-conditioning compressors.
products: Dry vacuum pumps

EC 100L and T Series use a multistage roots system.
These dry pumps mainly used in semiconductor production equipment, have achieved best-in-class low power consumption and contributed to the reduction of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • T100L (100m3/h down to 0,01 Torr) is an ultra compact and quiet roots dry pump for clean application. It is designed for the integration into semiconductor equipment in the cleanroom.
  • T100P (100m3/h down to 0,01 Torr) is excellent performance dry pump for all process including light duty and harsh duty processes. It has good reliability and safety for reactive gases and deposition.
  • T1000 (600-950m3/h down to 0,001 Torr) is designed to cover wide range of processes with its high capacity and variable pumping speed. It has good reliability and safety for reactive gases and deposition.


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