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Awamura liquid ring vacuum pump Awamura Manufacturing Company, Ltd
Osaka-ekimae Daiichi Bldg., 1-3-1-500, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

Awamura manufacturing Co., Ltd. was acquired by Tsurumi manufacturing Co., Ltd. in December of 2004.
products: liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors

FRIATEC Japan liquid ring vacuum pumps Hitachi Kyowa Engineering Co. Ltd.
- Sales Division Hajime Ohgino, 6F C-5 Bldg 1-21-5 Kandasudachou, Chiyodaku, 1001 0041 Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Hajime Ohgino, email, Tel.
products: liquid ring vacuum pumps in ceramic

Parts in contact with the medium made of FRIKORUND silicate ceramic material, impeller also in titanium, Hastelloy, Zirconium or glass fibre reinforced PTFE. Frame casing GGG 40.3). Suction capacity up to 600 m3/h (vacuum or compressor operation).
Area of application:
Corrosive and abrasive gases and vapours in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

TSURUMI liquid ring vacuum pump TSURUMI MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd - www.
- 16-40, 4-chome, Tsurumi, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka 538-8585, Japan

email, Tel.
products: liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
EV Pump
  • Compact, single stage, single action, high efficiency and compression ratio, low noise
  • Capacity from 2m3/min to 270m3/min, Vacuum to 29inHgV
EVM Pump
  • Two stage, singe action, low noise
  • Capacity to 80m3/min, Vacuum to 29inHgV
EVL Pump
  • Single stage,single action,high efficiency, and low compression ratio
  • Capacity from 50m3/min to 350m3/min, Vacuum to 25inHgV

Unozawa liquid ring vacuum pump UNOZAWA-GUMI IRON WORKS, Ltd - www.
- 36-40, Shimomaruko, 2-chome, Ohta-ku Tokyo 146-0092, Japan

email, Tel.

Unozawa was established in August 1899 and over century since then, the Company, as specializing manufacturer of pumps and blowers, has been manufacturing various excellent products.
After foundation, the Company manufactured steam pump, boiler feed pump and condensate pump, liquid ring vacuum pump reciprocating vacuum pump and pneumatic conveyor, etc.
In 1950, the positive displacement blower and vacuum pump (Roots type), which is used with the paper machine, were developed by the Company for the first time in Japan. Further, in connection with the pollution control equipment, the Company manufactured aeration blower for water treatment.
Unozawa has developed the dry vacuum pump in 1983, which is unparalleled in the world, in advance of other manufacturers. The new pump is exported in quantities to the world.
Further, this pump has been exporting to various companies in the USA, EC and Asian countries. Furthermore, the dry vacuum pump has been finding rapidly spreading fields of application, and is supplied not only semi-conductor manufacturing industry, but also to fine chemical and many other general chemical industries extensively.
products: liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors

Unozawa water ring vacuum pump is developed by our own technology, and high-performance and low-noise. The adoption of a very simple operating system of single-rotation and single-compression type offers many advantages for a wide range of vacuum pump.

Vacuum drying, Evaporation and Condenser in Chemical and Food industry. Priming for Large centrifugal pump. Dehydration for paper machine.


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