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yalan seals YALAN Seals Ltd. -
- 21st Floor, Lanjing International Building, City of Hefei, Anhui, China

email:, Tel. +86-551-64287402

The production center has 68 full time workers and totally 99 sets of production devices. The whole factory is able to manufacture products of over USD 15 million and has an actual annual output value of USD 13 million per year currently. There are right now 8 full time employees working as a QA team to control every step of the mass production and the purchase of parts and components.
products: pump mechanical seals

mainly used in centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, submerged motors, compressor, agitation equipment and decelerators.

mechanical seals Donglian Mechanical Seal -
- 6 Mingshu Road, Jiangshan Science and Technology Zone, Ningbo City, China

email:, Tel. +86-574-88452348

Our Company, established in 1992,a provincial and municipal high-tech enterprise, as members of China Fluid Seal Association, China Chemical Seal standardized Technology Committee and China Industry and Commerce Federation, is located in Ningbo Jiangshan Science and Technology Zone,covering an area of 32,000 square meters with a building area of 25,000 square meters and possessed of a self-operating import and export license. Sintered sic, reaction-bonded sic, tungsten carbide, ceramic with high purity and graphite seal faces and complete sets of mechanical seals are the major products.
Over 300 staff have been employed, including 68 technical personnel and engineers. A Japanese expert is engaged as the technical director. Depending on technical and managerial personnel, computer-controlled management, advanced equipment for producing and testing mechanical seals, ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001:2004 have been carried out for many years and TS 16949 is being verified now. Donglian Special Ceramic Metallurgy Research Institute has been established with Beijing Science and Technology University, directed by the academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences: Ge Changchun.
products: mechanical seals

Mechanical Seals:
Welded Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals, O-Ring Mechanical Seals, PTFE Wedge Mechanical Seals, Elastomer Bellow Shaft Seals, Double Mechanical Seals, Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals, Automotive Pump Seals
Seal Faces:
Ceramic Seal Faces With High Purity, Sintered SiC and Reaction Bonded SiC Seal Faces, Tungsten Carbide Seal Faces, Graphite Seal Faces, Rubber Parts

FBU mechanical seals FBU Industrial Equipment (KUNSHAN) Co. LTD -
- No 111 ZhenChuan West Road, YuShan, KunShan, JiangSu 215300, China

Lily, email, Tel.

we can do more than just supply a variety of cartridge seals and service kits in Oil, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Food, and Power industries.
Also single spring mechanical seals, seals rings, O-ring product, coupling are in our business field.
products: mechanical seals

Cartridge seals, Conventional mechanical seals, Metal bellow seals, Seals faces, Service kit

mechanical seals Feigu-Kaiheng Seal Technologies, Ltd -
- Postcode 315 500, China


Feigu-Kaiheng Seal Technologies, Ltd, born in 1997, was a designated manufacturer of sealing material by State Mechanical Industry Department. Currently there are about 180 employees. Of them, over 30 are professional technicians. The coMPany covers an area of about 22000 square meters and a floorage of 12000 square meters. Producing and test equipments are more than 200 sets here in number.
products: mechanical seals
Sealing material and silicon carbide:
  • Reactive bonded silicon carbide, Ordinary-pressure self sintered silicon carbide, High-carbon silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide (hard alloy), Alumina ceramics, Polytetrafluouoethylene (PTEF F4), Hot-pressed graphite and carbon-graphite.
  • The sealing ring, shaft sleeve, pipe, crucible, valve, nozzle, and spray head etc. in various specification.
  • Full sets of seals to machineries
  • Middle or light mechanical seals in conformity with ISO standards suitable to automobile's cooling pump, underwater pump, irrigation pump, oil pump,boiler's pump, marine pump, sump pump, and pump in chemical industry. Heavy mechanical seals used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure, or large diameter of axle, Mechanical seals suitable to pans and similar devices, Corrosion resisting seals suitable to special media with strong acid or base, Mechanical seals in lot.

mechanical seals Jiangsu Golden Eagle Fluid Machinery Co.,Ltd -
- No.999, GangCheng Road, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, China 215636

email:, Tel. +86-512-58723888

founded in 1999, mainly engaged in the development of fluid machinery equipment.
products: mechanical seals

mechanical seals HANK GROUP, Wenzhou HuaKang Mechanical Seal Factory -
- Industry Zone Ping Yang, 325400 WenZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China

Richard CHEN, email:, Tel. 0086-577-80126006

Wenzhou HuaKang Mechanical Seal Factory, located in Wenzhou suburb, was established in 1995. We are a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals, some cartridge seals, and sealing materials such as CARBON, SILICON CARBIDE, TUNGSTEN CARBIDE, CERAMIC, STAINLESS, RUBBER and so on. Eighty percent of our products are exported. We offer OEM seals for pump and automobile seal manufacturers.
products: mechanical seals

Mechanical seal, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, rubber.

mechanical seals Jiashan Global mechanical seal factory -
- No.22,Yinxiu Road, Weitang Industrial Park, Jiashan, Zhejiang 314100, China

email:, Tel. +86-573-84062810

Global mechanical seal factory is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals, which has a convenient traffic, near to Hangzhou and Shanghai. We adopted various of production equipments and text instruments, with high technology and abundant production experience. Our main products, which can meet different needs in various working conditions, are in conformity with GB6556-86, DIN24960, ISO3069, HG5-752 and HG21571-95 standard, etc. For many years in the past, we have undertaken the design and manufacturing of mechanical seals required by diverse special conditions and nationalization of introduced machines, providing a great deal of reliable mechanical seals for users and pumps, pressure reaction kettles, high-temp & high- pressure container manufacturers.
products: mechanical seals

mechanical seals Junty Industries Ltd. -
- No. 7 Bei Tu Cheng Xi Road, Beijing 100029, China

Brian Deng, managing director, email:
Tel. +86-10-8227 5196

Junty Industries, Ltd. specializes in supplying Sealing Products and Wear Resistant Components to the Fluid and Gas Control Industries worldwide.
products: mechanical seals
  • Mechanical seals: Rubber Bellows Seal, Pusher seals, PTFE wedge seals, Metal bellows seals
  • Seal Faces/Rings, Bushings/Washers, Mechanical Packing, Rotary unions, Spray Nozzles, Investment casting, Metal parts & Springs, O-Rings

mechanical seals Ningbo Julong Rubber Plastic & Electro Mechanical Co.,Ltd -
- Industry Zone A, Ninghai Town, NingBo Zhejiang, 315609, China

Martin Mao, email:, Tel. +86-574-89730001

Our company is the professional company while produces rubber accessories,establishing in 1995,covering area 8000 square meters,constructing area 6000 square meters,exsiting more than 215 person of employees.
Our company is the main suppliers of many powerful car companys in series of Mechanical Seal, rubber, plastic accessories.
Our products divided into: the rubber accessories in car air condition uses,oil seal and seal pad series,vacuum tube and pipeline, blow molding products made of plastic,store liquid bottle,for trade piece,and different kinds of the aluminum pressure casting type products.Have among these products,there are lots of highly difficult vacuum diaphragm,still up to now,provide goods exclusively by our company.
products: mechanical seals
  • mechanical seal components: tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, carbon graphite, stainless steel and ceramics.
  • pump Metal seal components and Rubber moulded parts.

- Wuxiang Industry Zone,Ningbo, Ningbo, China 315111

Kevin JIN, email:, Tel. 86-574-88486868

NINGBO KAIRUI SEAL FACTORY located on the east side of Ning Bo,near Beilun port and Lishe Airport, is specialized in producing various Kr-Seal & graphite products and machinery sealed set .Our products are widely used in the industries of petroleum ,chemical industry , printing and dyeing , mechanical metallurgy , medicine , food and spaceflight and so on . We also make products for some professional manufacturers in the world .
Since 2002 , We began to develop sealing materials, we mainly produce mechanical seals, silicon carbide ,tungsten carbide and Aluminum Oxide(A1203) etc
Now we have developed some Cartridge Seals and we will develop more.......
We have gained ISO9001:2000 . The fifty percent of our products are exported . we also specially design products according to the customers' requirements .We would like to cooperate with all friends in the world with quality products and competitive price.
products: mechanical seals
  • Seals: Mechanical seals, Cartridge seals
  • Components: Carbon-seal, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless, Silicon Carbide, Rubber, Ceramic

mechanical seals OUYA MECHANICAL SEAL CO., Ltd -
- Zhangai Mingdong Economic Zone, NO.8 Bridge,Ningchuan Road, 315040 Ningbo, China

Mading LIU, email:, Tel. +86 057487922732

Manufacturer of mechanical seals, seal Ring in China, seal material including Sintered and Bonded Silicon Carbide, Wolfram Carbide, Ceramic, Carbon Graphite.
We also can design every conceivable mechanical seals according to your requests.
products: mechanical seals

mechanical seals, mechanical shaft seals

mechanical seals Ningbo Industry Seals Factory -
- No18 Gaoya Road Jiangshan Town and technology zone Yinzhou District, 315191 Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China

Kevin Hou, International Market & Service Department
email:, Tel. +86-574-28805588

Ningbo Industry Seals Factory is a professional manufacturer & exporter of mechanical seals, sealing materials, shaft seals and pumps parts, the factory is a large-scale and Key enterprise for "Tian Feng Brand" mechanical seals. There are 20 years since establishment of the factory, productivity has reached 300,000 sets seals per year.
products: mechanical seals
  • Bellow type mechanical seals, O-ring type mechanical seals, Edge ring type mechanical seals
  • Cartridge type Mechanical Seals, Sealing Rings, Replacement Products.

Topbon Mechanical Seals Ningbo Topbon Mechanical Seals Factory -
- Room 619, Kirin Mansion, No. 1501 Tiantong North Road, Ningbo, China

email:, Tel. +86-0574-88120885

specialized manufacturer and exporter of Mechanical seals
products: mechanical seals
  • Seal Components, Seat, O-ring Mechanical Seals
  • Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals, PTFE Wedge Mechanical Seals
  • Cartridge Mechanical Seals, Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals

mechanical seals Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd -
- No.238 Nanle Rd., Songjing Industrial Zone, Songjiang, Shanghai 201611, China

Lily Guo, sales manager, email:
Tel. +86 (21) 57609662, 57609663 extension: 8059

Shanghai Trisun Mechanical Parts Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer-Group Enterprise and an exporter in Shanghai China, which was established in 1998. It professionally manufactures mechanical seals for water pumps, auto cooling-pumps, auto compressors and automobile components. The supplied seals can replace the similar products of John Crane and Burgmann.
products: pump mechanical seals

mechanical seals Shijiazhuang Beimi Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd . -
- Industrial East Road, Hebei Gaocheng, China 052 160

Amy, email:, Tel. 86 (0)311-88193780 8

Shijiazhuang Beimi mechanical seal Ltd. is primary established in 1990 . The registered trade mark is “Chuang A Brand”, The registered capital is 260,000,0 Yuan.
The factory major production mechanical seals. Sunh as pump-used, inflection cauldron used and all types of floating equipment The maximum shaft diameter reaches to ?300mm. The products are widly used in all kinds of trades. Such as chemical industry , Petroleum , chemical fertilizer , pharmacy , mine , metallurgy , power station , paper making , food , Pringting and dyeing ect . It apples to high and low temperature , strong corrosive , easy burning , easy explode , contain floating substance and so on .
products: pump mechanical seals

Sunrise Petrifaction Equipment Sunrise Petrifaction Equipment Co.,Ltd -
- No.16 Baoquan Road, Dandong, Liaoning. China. 118009

Xu ZHENYU, email:, Tel. 86-415-6279579

We are ISO manufacturer who produce mechanical seals,couplings,instrument.Our products are accordance with ISO,DIN,API standard.We can do standard products also can do special design upon customer requst.
products: mechanical seals

welded bellow seals, coupling, instrument

mechanical seals Xi'an Yonghua Group Co., Ltd -
- Jiajiatan, Caotan, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710021, P.R. China

email:, Tel. +86 (29) 6499139, 6499400

ISO 9001 certified
products: mechanical seals
  • Xi'an Yonghua Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in welded metal bellows seals, pusher seals and high performance seals.
  • Bellows Design Advantages:
    • Xi'an Yonghua's bellows seals have no sliding secondary seals. This eliminates the problem of swale face "hang up. "the major cause of seal failure with spring-loaded seals. Effective contact of sealing faces is maintained, and leakage to the atmosphere is minimized.
    • By using a static secondary seal, managing shaft or sleeve fretting and subsequent premature seal failure are avoided. Unlike springs, bellows are nonclogging and their durable design can withstand higher viscosity fluids and a higher concentration of solids.
    • API-682 Qualified: The low-Temperature series seals meet and exceed the testing requirements as defined by API-682 specifications.


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