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Angstrom Sciences magnetrons Angstrom Sciences, Inc. Europe Office - www.angstromsciences.com
- The Stables, Prospect Gardens, Elm Road, Eversham, Worcestershire, WR11-3PX UK, United Kingdom

email: info@angstromsciences.com, Tel. +44 1386 423419

Angstrom Sciences' European office provides consultative services, sales advice, and technical support on the company's high performance magnetron sputter sources for a wide variety of thin film sputter applications.
Angstrom Sciences is headquartered out of it 18,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania, USA.
products:   magnetron sputter sources

Circular Magnetrons: 1"-16" diameters
Linear Magnetrons: 1"-16" widths, up to 13ft in length
Rotary Magnetrons: 4", 6", 6.75", 8", 9.25", 10", 12", 16" diameters
Cylindrical Magnetrons: 3"-6" diameters
Custom Magnetrons and Cluster Assemblies
Magnet Retrofits for BOC, MRC, CVC, Leybold, Perkin Elmer, and Cylindrical Assemblies and other manufacturers' designs.

Dexter Z-Gun Magnetron Sputter Source Dexter Magnetic Technologies Europe, Ltd -
- Unit 12, Tavistock Industrial Estate, Ruscombe Park, Twyford, Berkshire RG10 9NJ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Our company first started as Permag Corp., formed in New York in 1951, with the concept of selling small volume standard and customized permanent magnets. The concept was very successful, and Permag grew to nine full service facilities located throughout the U.S. serving local and regional customers.
In 1985 Permag was sold to Dexter Corporation. In July of 2000, Dexter Magnetic Technologies was sold to Loctite Corporation as part of a larger transaction.
In July of 2001, Dexter Magnetic Technologies emerged as a privately held company through a financially assisted management buyout. Our backers include leading equity and financial partners that have supported our investment in critical projects to provide greater value to customers.
products:   Z-Gun™ Magnetron Sputter Source

Our newly developed Rotating Magnetron Guns (Z-Guns™) have been specifically engineered for the demanding requirements of data storage media producers. Integration with a new system or retrofitting an existing system is facilitated by Dexter's new design and control interface.

BOC Edwards Planar Magnetron Sputtering Sources Edwards vacuum -
- Manor Royal, Crawley RH10 2LW, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Edwards vacuum manufactures a range of compact electron beam sources which provide economical and efficient usage of evaporant, enable easy changeover between evaporants and achieve high deposition rates. The high degree of control possible with our electron beam sources enables constant rate deposition. All electron beam sources are supplied in modular form with all the parts to enable easy installation into Edwards coating systems.
products:   Planar Magnetron Sputtering Sources

Edwards EPM75 and EPM100 planar magnetron sputtering sources are easy to fit and position in any vacuum system that has suitable 25 mm or 1 inch diameter holes. The offset leadthrough design allows easy adjustment of the radial source position. The EPM source design is well proven, having been used for many years in BOC Edwards sputtering systems.

Magnetron Sputter Source GENCOA Ltd. - www.gencoa.com
- Physics Road, Liverpool L24 9HP, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

GENCOA is focused on the design, development and manufacture of magnetron sputter sources (also termed magnetron sputter cathodes or magnetron sputter guns). The GENCOA range of magnetron sputtering sources have been developed to ensure the highest level of performance in whichever vacuum deposition application you are involved.
products:   Magnetron Sputter Source

SCOTECH SCOTECH - www.scotech.ltd.uk
- Netherton Road, Langbank, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA14 6YG, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0)1475 540689

distributor of thin film coating equipment and consumables.
Through our experienced team of engineers we aim to supply high quality service with efficient technical back up. All our technical staff have over 30 years industry experience in thin film processing.
products:   Ion Beam Sources, Ion Beam Systems, E Beam Evaporation Systems, E Beam Evaporation

sputter coater targets Quorum Technologies - www.quorumtech.com
- Unit 15A, Euro Business Park, New Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 0DQ, United Kingdom

Mike Wombwell, email, Tel.

For nearly 40 years the Polaron range has been at the forefront of electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation. Since 2001 the Polaron brand has been wholly owned and managed by Quorum Technologies who are based in Newhaven in the UK. In 2005 we acquired the Emitech business and are proud to add their exciting products and expertise to our team. We manufacture and distribute our high reliability instruments throughout the world, with applications in scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), FIB, and environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM).
products:   Sputter Coaters

We continue to support EM preparation instruments with the brand names Polaron, Emscope, Bio-Rad, Fisons Instruments and Thermo VG, with a wide range of spares and consumables including sputter coater targets (Emitech Product Spares and Quorum Product Spares) available on-line.
The Polaron range includes CRYO-SEM preparation systems, sputter coaters - including a large chamber sputter coater for wafers, carbon coaters, compact combined sputter coater / carbon coater systems, critical point dryers (supercritical dryers for aerogels and MEMS), vacuum evaporators (for electron microscopy preparation and thin film applications), RF plasma barrel reactors for Plasma etching, plasma ashing and plasma cleaning. Look out for our robust and efficient water recirculating heater / chiller units.

Testbourne Vacuum Evaporation Sources Testbourne Ltd. - www.testbourne.com
- Unit 12/13, Hassocks Wood, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8UQ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Evaporation Sources

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